Soundcloud may be ending


Yes, I read this as a good sign.


I really hope this is true. It really def seem like the only way to salvage SC at this point.


I guess the problem remains that they’ve taken on so much funding. $170m in this round. That’s a lot of money to recoup. Where is it all going to come from?


Yeah, the problem is exactly that. Somebody’s gonna want that money back at some point and I can’t see how even a site like vimeo could generate that kind of money in the years to come. So what’s the deal here I wonder.


I’ve just signed up. Seems to have imported everything I have posted on SC with a single click, no issues, and it didn’t ask for a dime. (Impressive as I have quite a few years’ worth of tracks on SC and pay the monthly fee for SC to host them all).

Site here for the curious:

I’d recommend this, if only as a one-click method to “clone” your SC page for archival purposes. My main concern has been the risk of just waking up one morning to find SC had gone down forever, and abruptly. (Anyone else old enough to remember


PS: They appear to have Groups…


I hope so and wish them well. It would certainly be wonderful from a creator standpoint, but I do wonder how that strategy has worked out for Vimeo. Are they thriving as a business who has found their true customers… or gradually fading away? I’ve always liked the quality of their video technology but confess I’ve almost forgotten about Vimeo over the past few years. I almost feel guilty about that. I was also a very early adopter of using Flickr, and I’m sure there are some ardent photographers who still use the service despite everything. But just like with Soundcloud the unwelcome changes to the overall experience is what drove me away. Trust is broken and it’s going to take quite a lot to bring me back.


It’s funny how services who drastically changed their interface in order to use their huge user-base for different goals than what was initial proposed mostly crashed and got forgotten. For example, something very straightforward, well thought-out and that never really moved from its original goal but improved and expanded upon it like Tumblr seems to be perfectly fine. It feels that stuff like how Soundcloud, that kind of betrayed its original strategy are more the norm than the exception.



Ahah I stand corrected! (And yeah, there’s no money but somehow, it seems like a few people are making billions of dollars anyway so let’s all chant to the hymn of Zuckerbergland!)

Also, I’d like to point out that if Tumblr has problems, for me it matters just as much and raises just as many questions as soundcloud, ESPECIALLY when you consider they’ve done a far better job running their site, offering new tools etc.


making? or taking?


I think when you’ve got one person, and “making billions” next to it, it’s ALWAYS taking. At that point we should consider both terms equal.


Listening to your hearthis page now, cheers!