Soundmachines (arches) tactile universal interface

Hey Folks

What do you all think of this? I guess it’s kind of like the Buchla controller but certainly a few more features
I was taking with a friend about something to pair with the monome setup of the Grid + Arcs.
I have purchased a QuBit TriGEr after wacthing this very nice ambient demo the Instruos dev had posted but i wanted something a little more expressive


Davide Mancini of Soundmachines said they should have working prototypes by the end of January. Love the concept, and if it delivers it will be mine.

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Just spotted this:

hey any news on this?
I think this is the only thing in Euro land i could still be seduced into buying.

It has just launched on Kickstarter. I was backer number one :smiley:


Thanks for letting us know! I’m number 6 now :smiley:

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Just filled the survey for shipping. Very excited! :slight_smile:

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!me tooooooo! cant wait!

Received mine two hours ago. It’s pretty much everything I hoped it would be. There’s still some things missing from the firmware and I have a few feature requests I hope they’ll implement at some point, but even if they never updated the firmware at all, this would still be the best controller for eurorack I’ve found so far.

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I received it yesterday, but I haven’t had the time to delve into it (and I haven’t read the manual yet). The only thing I did was removing the overlay, which I thought it was horrible. :smiley:

I’m glad to hear that these are finally shipping! Aside from reducing the number of control modules filling up my rack, I’m interested in using this as a recordable MIDI controller for VCV/Reaktor/Max/etc.

Random question: Is the power supply required, or can the device be USB powered when plugged into a computer?

I would love to see a photo of one!


Me too, reviving this @AlessandroBonino, curious what it looks like without overlay too!

And also curious about thoughts of all users of this!

In received mine before getting drawn into the monome/norns world, but it seems like it would be a perfect companion to norns. I was peripherally following the progression on the soundmachines forum and there was some frustration from the early adopters that it was released with the firmware not quite “fully baked”…for instance the light strips didn’t have the ability to record movements like the soundppane modules did. Although, I think there has been a recent firmware update that fixed this issue…I put mine on the shelf and have been devoting all my time to norns and ansible instead. Though, I have no doubt that arches will be powerful once all the links are worked out…

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How are folk getting on with Arches further down the line? Considering a 2nd hand option…

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I will step back all the way from my initial impression that can be seen above in the thread. Arches had a ton of potential, but ended up being a buggy mess that made it hard to even use the basics that were already implemented. The event management was clearly screwed up so every touch or clock pulse had a certain chance of not being registered (which obviously sucks the joy out of using it very quickly). Lots of people complained about these things on the soundmachines forums. The developers promised updates, but at some point just silently abandoned the forums. For a few months, the forums just sat with zero engagement from the devs and then at some point they deleted the forums completely.

I would not recommend buying this under any circumstances.

Wow… how unfortunate.

Well thanks for saving me from making a huge mistake!

Aw man that is bad news.

Just picked one up for what I thought was a steal at the time.

Is it still really buggy even after the new firmware update? Can you give some details on the problems it has so i can watch out for them?

Alarm bells should have been ringing when i looked for their forum and just got an error page. Bad form!

I sold mine a long time ago, but from what I remember, the main issues weren’t so much straight up dysfunctional workflows or bugs, but more timing problems, missing features and awkward UX. As I wrote above, sometimes clock pulses or touches simply didn’t register, so most of the time, the device would do what you expected from it, but every interaction had a certain chance of just not doing anything. I would not take it on stage, ever.

But I do think that depending on how much of a steal the price was and what you want out of it, it can still be a worthwhile purchase. It’s not completely broken, it was just frustrating to use for many workflows that I had in mind when I kickstarted it. And obviously it’s really bad form by the developers to simply abandon the project, which added a lot of frustration. But if you do not care as much about using the internal clocked features like the arpeggiator and sequencer and mainly use it as a touch controller, I do think you can make use of it.

Some actual bugs I remember were:

  • Sometimes elements were not assignable for no reason in the editing mode. Required a reboot to fix (or at least I didn’t find any other fix)
  • Sometimes elements got stuck in a state where they would just send out a constant voltage (plus gate). Again, only fixed by reboot.
  • A few assignments were just buggy. I don’t remember the exact details, but two specific outputs were just swapped, so when you wanted to assign an element to output x, you had to assign it to output y (and the other way around) in order to make the voltage come out of the correct output.
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Thanks very much for the detailed reply.

Ive just dug it out to test some features that i thought it would be useful for and it is a little disappointing.

15 minutes with it and im noticing touchplates becoming unresponsive and requiring a reboot to bring back online.

Ah well. Like you said, maybe i can do something creative with it in its basic touch form.