Soundmachines (arches) tactile universal interface


Hey Folks

What do you all think of this? I guess it’s kind of like the Buchla controller but certainly a few more features
I was taking with a friend about something to pair with the monome setup of the Grid + Arcs.
I have purchased a QuBit TriGEr after wacthing this very nice ambient demo the Instruos dev had posted but i wanted something a little more expressive


Davide Mancini of Soundmachines said they should have working prototypes by the end of January. Love the concept, and if it delivers it will be mine.


Just spotted this:


hey any news on this?
I think this is the only thing in Euro land i could still be seduced into buying.


It has just launched on Kickstarter. I was backer number one :smiley:


Thanks for letting us know! I’m number 6 now :smiley:


Just filled the survey for shipping. Very excited! :slight_smile:


!me tooooooo! cant wait!


Received mine two hours ago. It’s pretty much everything I hoped it would be. There’s still some things missing from the firmware and I have a few feature requests I hope they’ll implement at some point, but even if they never updated the firmware at all, this would still be the best controller for eurorack I’ve found so far.


I received it yesterday, but I haven’t had the time to delve into it (and I haven’t read the manual yet). The only thing I did was removing the overlay, which I thought it was horrible. :smiley:


I’m glad to hear that these are finally shipping! Aside from reducing the number of control modules filling up my rack, I’m interested in using this as a recordable MIDI controller for VCV/Reaktor/Max/etc.

Random question: Is the power supply required, or can the device be USB powered when plugged into a computer?


I would love to see a photo of one!