SoundMorph Dust -- Granular synth with Binaural control via real-time particle simulation

If people haven’t heard about this new VST called Dust, it is pretty spectacular. I spent all day plugging expressions into the flow field and watching how different functions are represented. Basically my new go to tool for Sound Design. Would be interested to hear some what you all have to say!


Looks quite fun and intuitive. They’re also having a sale of 30% off until Jan 1

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Random cross connection department: Made me fondly recall Herbert Brun’s compositions Dust, More Dust, etc… When I first heard him play them in Boston, ca. 1983, they were a staggering revelation: They were “computer music” that was totally unlike the “hyper clean” computer music being produced elsewhere: They were (are) gritty, arhythmic, atonal (in the purest sense), noisy, cantankerous - composition with the raw grit of sound! I was enthralled!