Soundplane-to-cv eurorack

soundplane-to-cv-module from the madronalabs forum:

This is most certainly a prototype. There are a number of details seen in the photo that will change. In fact, this particular face plate has a strange transform on the font that has already been fixed. Component positioning and screw types will be different on the shipping model. The number of LED indicators is planned to change, and my sloppy drilling that can be seen - if you look closely - will certainly not be part of production.

One of those ribbon cables you see behind the module is connected to a MIDI input/output board. This allows testing of the CV outputs independently of the Soundplane touch detection code. I have a simple voice allocation algorithm matched to the four-touch configuration shown, with Velocity, Pitch Bend and Pressure implemented. Paired up with a simple modular synth for testing purposes, everything seems to be working well, with 16-bit accuracy across ten octaves.

As Randy explains on the banner page blog entry, we really tried to pull all of the pieces together before Superbooth, but firmware is always the biggest challenge. We have vendor code for the USB peripheral, my firmware that’s been growing as the platform has been built up, and Randy’s touch detection that needs to be ported from a laptop computer environment (think: 1 GHz and huge memory) to an embedded environment (120 MHz, 256 KB SRAM). I am certain that we’ll be able to get everything working, but at the moment it’s MIDI only.




It will be wonderful for the Soundplane I wish I had, to connect with the modular I know I won’t be able to buy. (Jokes aside, I WILL have a soundplane someday, don’t know how, but it’ll happen, because I’m a hopeless optimist)

I have been waiting for this for a while now. So exciting to see it this close to reality. Keep up the great work!

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Very cool and much desired! Taking my Soundplane away from the computer and letting it interface directly with eurorack will make it my favorite software controller AND my favorite hardware controller.