Soundwalks & other location based audio/music

For a lot of projects I work with location based audio. Mostly for outdoor art / theatre projects.
Thru the years I’ve seen many different solutions for making soundwalks and such.
One solution I know of is
Many things I’ve seen work on pure data.

I myself now mostly work with a unity app on android with ibeacons I developed together with a coder.

Are there more people here making soundwalk like things or other location based audio?
What is your solution?


I’ve been interested in this for a few years, but haven’t got into anything public yet. I was actually looking at echoes and unity solutions too to do this. The prototypes I made were just feeding max from the gps and compass data from an iPhone using gyrOSC.
Echoes seems like a very good solution, I’d love to hear if others are using it.

The unity path, you can find lots of Pokemon Go type projects and base things off them too.


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Oh there’s this street view project too which is neat.


I’m replying mostly to follow the discussion.

I’ve an interest but my experience was blindfolding participants and putting ipod in their hand.

Keen to explore options but have limited technology.

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I also did an experiment last year with blindfolded the audience in a musical experience.
At the moment i’m mostly working on this project for location based audio:

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I like that idea. It’s a great way to shift perspectives.

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