Source for TT I2C Cable?

I’ve seen posts here for a single connector I2C cable, as well as the threads for the bus board - anyone have a source for the original TT 3 connector ribbon cable from this photo?


These are really easy to make yourself.

There is a post here where I asked about what to buy:

You just add as many connectors as you want to each cable.

How many devices are you going to connect? You may run into I2C issues if you don’t have a powered bus board.

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that triple cable came with the original batch of 200 teletypes. the next edition didn’t include one (trilogy modules had been discontinued for some time) as ansible included its own cable. this of course still leaves a lot of people in the situation with a lack of cables. i erred on the side of not being wasteful.

indeed they are easy to make, but i’m also about to start offering them on our site for convenience, along with bus boards and usb power splitters.