Source - Langueur d'onde (new album)

Hi !

I wanted to share this new release here, it is a collection of a few simple compositions, all exploring the idea of nostalgia, a suspended time opening on itself and letting you find and observe the feeling that first led to the very pause it offered you.

I used hardware synths (mostly analog, some digital), I often tried to interconnect semi-modular voices together as it is fits perfectly the feeling I am trying to convey, with all those intricate feelings and memories coming out and then disappearing together.

I also used VCV for some sequencing, Argeiphontes Lyre for some field recording and tape loop mangling.

Everything goes through a mixer because I love to create sound masses that oscillate on the verge of feedback, and it lets me do that with great hands on control.

I also used a sampler as a way to record to disk without having to step too much in front of the computer, and in the end “mastering” was done by printing on K7 and re-recording in the computer, then a slight EQ for tonal balance and compressor / limiter for dynamic and loudness control.

Here are short texts about each piece, more about inspiration than technical aspects.

Sillon :

Two simple short melodies sequence the same synth, and as they fight for their existence in the limited voice count, they seem to also fight against some weird bursts of strange timbre modulation, making it even more unstable. This is all of a sudden swallowed by some old tape, almost erased really, to give space to more interaction with the same idea of several melodies fighting for a limited voice. I guess all ideas are at the same time old and new and we have to accept it to be able to follow them somewhere actually new to us !

Retournement temporel :

A strangely familiar loop allows us to enter a slow back and forth movement. Somewhere between a pendulum and waves reaching the shore, the movement seem to bring us old found sounds, simple melodies, simple memories wrapped up in dirt and fog.

This is an attempt at exploring a fugitive feeling from the past, trying to peel it layer by layer, looking at its fractal like figure : everything is at the same time the same and different.

Congrès de coquecigrues :

We can clearly hear a few weird birds conversing, and in the background the tension coming and going might be from their fear of waking up their huge neighbor (it might be some sort of whale ? I don’t know). Indeed it wakes up, but it is in a good mood so they all sing together ! What a relief.

Brume marine :

Staring at the sea, I can’t really see through the light fog, but it has this weird power: it lets me draw what I want in it. Each time I concentrate on a figure it disappears, until all fogs goes away with the last one.

Dialogue de sourds intérieur :

Sometimes not listening to each other makes for a weird ballet of stubborn egos, that can reveal more about the people involved than an actual attempt at a conversation, like some family diners from childhood when revisited later…

Mantra :

Those tape loops seem to want to say something, but the stuttering is hard to overcome. Language is hard, sometimes abstract sound and naive melodies are easier, so I let them come out, as to try to understand what hidden message is inside those sounds that repeat in my head.

Mommy I, II et III :

Those three parts (I, II and III) are meant as one piece, to accompany the video version of Lisa Gervassi’s book Mommy, that is a plastic experience about grief, womanhood, motherhood, and all the universal feelings one can have about what it means to be born and then try to figure out what to do with it !

Part I is about loss, part II about wandering and part III about survival.

This forum has been a big inspiration, so thank you for participating in this special way that makes it a very special corner of the internet where I actually want to spend time !

Thank you for taking the time to read and / or listen, I know we all lack the time to do all that we want to do ! It is precious.

A good day to everybody !


Sounds phenomenal, @TanaBarbier! Thanks for sharing this, and your insights about its creation.

Thank you very much !

I am really glad you enjoyed it !

I also wanted to share some download codes in case some people are interested, here they are :


as they say : Redeem at Tana

edit : I put some new codes as all the other ones had been redeemed.

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Thank you so much for your generous offer!
Looking forward to some deep listening.

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You’re very welcome, really. I’ll be the one looking forward to your feedback if you feel like sharing it.

excellent! i love how everything flows organically and tries to go out of control, yet the tape has only so much bandwidth so the only way is back to silence — a silence that is now different.

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Wow thank you very much for taking the time to listen to it, and I am really glad you liked it !
Slow and yet a bit crazy, but in the end weirdly calm is exactly what I was going for.

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