Sous Les Pavés, La Plage - New Release

I finally finished an album and wanted to let you all know about it, in the hope that some will listen and enjoy.

The title, Sous Les Pavés, La Plage (Under The Cobblestones, The Beach) comes from a French Situationist slogan used in demonstrations in the 1960s. This desire for freedom in a world which has become hardened rang true to me in the last year. I realised that my time spent making music has been largely about forms of escapism and using creativity as a means to process my own situations.

Process-wise, the defining pieces in this puzzle have been Spitfire Audio’s lovely (& free!) LABS Soft Piano, Norns, a 9u eurorack modular system and a couple of guitars (a Jazzmaster & a Bass VI).

I’ve tried to make something that flows (I hope) in a coherent manner but still gives a nod to a lot of the things I’ve found inspirational over the years, from the elegant minimalism of the Erased Tapes label’s output and the Thrill Jockey releases from the early ‘00s that I loved so much to the clicks and cuts of artists like Oval.

There are many people on Lines who have helped me to realise this music in various ways, so I wanted to express gratitude to some of you:

@Olivier for the amazing “Compass” script that you have created. Several of these tracks would never have come together without the serendipitous moments that this script creates. The title of track 6 (The Compass Leads Us North) is a less-than-subtle tribute to your beautiful work.

A few of you were really kind about music that I posted up in my early days on Lines (@jlmitch5 , @Justmat and @boboter) so my heartfelt thanks goes to you for keeping me going at a point where I lacked confidence in what I was making and I was very much still finding my way.

Thanks to @disquiet for the ever-inspirational Junto. Whether I have time to get to it each week or not, having that regular creative brief is a real jolt to get something done. I’ve even ended up using one of my Junto submissions on this album.

@taylor12k, @marcus_fischer , @stripes, @shellfritsch and @rbeny for being continual sources of musical inspiration.

Finally, to the makers on here who create the tools that keep music-making as compelling as it is. Thanks for your fantastic creations!


Congrats on the release @hightowersdeepwells! This is very humbling — so happy to hear that Compass played a small role in your musical explorations. I’m very much looking forward to listening on a long (psychogeographical) city walk very soon.

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Downloading now after hearing the first half of this track. Totally agree, sounds fantastic. I love the melody that forms in that part, excited for the rest of the record. Glad those words of encouragement were helpful. I really like that EP you released! I’m glad I grabbed a copy and downloaded :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much! I’ve revisited the closing track from that on this album. After I put it out, all I could hear were the things that I should have done differently, so this was a chance to give new life to that idea.

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This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the release.

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Thanks & glad you enjoyed it. I’m just really pleased to have it out and in the world for other people’s ears finally! Also a real pleasure to share it here, as I’m constantly in awe of the talent in this community (be that coding great things or making great art).

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been listening to this all morning. really beautiful. love the piano work and the shifting tones. my favorite song is the first track, love the transformation into drone territory. but really the whole album is a joy to listen

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Thanks for sharing this beautiful music!

Under the paving stones, the beach! One of my favorite expressions… As a lover of the band Gong and their musical and spiritual leader, the late great Daevid Allen, I can still feel on some metaphysical level the spirit of the Paris uprising of 1968, the Situationists, all that magic… How wonderful!!!


@infinitedigits - thanks so much! I can definitely see oooooo being a script that will feature in the next tracks I put out into the world. You’ve made something truly brilliant to use there, I had a lot of fun building some guitar loops with it this weekend.

@eblomquist - my thanks for your kind words too (my father-in-law is a big fan of Gong as it goes :blush:)


Decided to put some download codes up for anyone who would like one:


I used a4fb-bf67

Thanks! Really psyched to hear this. The Situationist title is one of my favorite quotes and concepts :+1:

Edit: I’m really enjoying the music, lovely at 6 a.m. on a Sunday morning :pray:t2:

Edit 2: this is giving me feelings akin to Satie, very very nice indeed!


Really glad you enjoyed - I do love some Satie!

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