SP-Tools - Machine Learning tools for drums and percussion


Machine Learning tools for drums and percussion

SP-Tools are a set of marchine learning tools that are optimized for low latency and real-time performance. The tools can be used with Sensory Percussion sensors, ordinary drum triggers, or any audio input.

SP-Tools includes low latency onset detection, onset-based descriptor analysis, classification and clustering, corpus analysis and querying, neural network predictive regression, and a slew of other abstractions that are optimized for drum and percussion sounds.

SP-Tools is built around the FluCoMa Toolkit and requires v1.0 to be installed for this package to work.


Max 8.3 or higher or Live/M4L (Mac/Windows).
FluCoMa v1.0 or higher.
All abstractions work in 64-bit and M1/Universal Binary.



SP-Tools v0.2


Thanks so much for this Rodrigo! I remember having a conversation with you about this a while ago, as you were developing it – super interesting work. Going to have a look through the tools today and see about using them for an upcoming show with a classical singer. Thanks for your continued contributions and support!


This is super inspiring, I will definitely give it a go!!


Decision made, must add pads to drive drum machine triggers, along with these.

Cnntact mics @Rodrigo ? Have marshmallow mic, thoughts?

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From what I remember in the contact mic thread they are super duper sensitive, so it may be hard to dial in the gain and thresholds so it doesn’t false trigger all the time.

That being said, it depends on what you will be putting it on. If it’s going to be a drum/head, I’d recommend getting (or making) one of those foam cone-style contact mics as they isolate quite well and are fairly rugged. If it’s for an arbitrary surface, then something like the marshmallow would work just fine. I’ve not actually tested that yet, but I think you can do all the training/classification stuff too.

That reminds me, does anyone remember the name of that product/iphone app that was a contact mic and it could do attacks or if you did friction/rubbing it would do another process? I’ve not seen/heard about that in years, but it might be nice to revisit that and perhaps try and implement something like that too. (it was Mogees)

Thanks, you are correct, with reference to the gain and thresholds. Will consider this when I setup the drum, probably be a Simmons, or tech star electronic trigger, should be interesting?

Checks out mogees :slight_smile:

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