Sp404sx integration with modular?

so my last post was “op-1 vs octatrack mkii.” for the moment, i can’t afford either one, but i do have my rusty trusty old faithful roland sp404sx sampler. i love the thing, but im having trouble figuring out a way to integrate it with my modular. how do other users use them with modular? I mainly want to use it for guitar looping and sampling, then process that with my modular (clouds, echophon etc)


i have the non-SX 404 and have been wondering about this as well! following this thread.

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I also have the non-SX one.
I guess with a mixer with send/return or a module that has send/return (Bastl Hendrikson or MN Rosie) you could use the SP as an FX box…

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good idea. will try this, maybe using djfx looper to created slices of sound

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I am also curious about this. I have used the sp404sx with my modular before.

One way in which it was useful was as a 2 channel drone source. I made samples with sound panned all the way left or all the way right, essentially giving me two voices on two outputs. In order to have it make sense I placed all the samples panned left on the 6 leftmost pads (1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 11) and the right ones on the right.

I routed the two channels through filters and vca’s enabling me to create rhythmical elements from these drones.

Here is a short clip of this in action (although not the best audio quality): http://www.thepictaram.club/share/BVQOFysAWed


That’s a really cool idea. So you used two RCA>1/8 cables, one with just the left plugged in and one with just the right plugged in?

Exactly! Two cables and then because the samples were panned before I uploaded them to the sp404sx they will only play through one of the outputs.

I have a 303. integration is quite simple: make awesome loops of weird modular sounds :slight_smile:


sounds awesome! this is the kind of thing i want to try