Spacetime 6502

This is a classic Nintendo port of spacetime(Norns Study 3), it should run on any normal NES emulator. Developed on 9front’s Nintendo emulator, also tested on fceux and nestopia.

Spacetime is a weird function sequencer. It plays a note on each step, each step is a symbol for the action. It has 8 operators, I’ve added a snare hit to the random note operator for fun, and all operations wrap-around, since it only runs on 4 octaves.

To build it on Linux or OSX, run, if you’re on Plan9, use pcc to build asm6, and tools/asm6 src/cart.asm cart.nes

git clone
chmod +x ./

The ROM is written in 6502 Assembly, and the source can be found here, you can watch it in action here.

+ = increase note
- = decrease note
< = go to bottom note
> = go to top note
* = random note
M = fast metro
m = slow metro
# = jump random position



Really cool! Sounds great and hectic. is there a rom, or just source code? I don’t think i can compile

nespaint is nice too by the way :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how to host binary files efficiently at the moment, I could email it to you if you like. Do you need a hand to compile it?

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That would be nice thanks if not too much trouble, cementimental at gmail com … I probably could/should try compiling it myself but I’m not even sure if the info you provided will work in OSX?, and the part of my brain which deals with following tutorials for command-line stuff I don’t really understand at all is burned out today from hours trying to get Norns shield working :slight_smile:

I’ll email it then, if you have a place to host the rom, I’ll add it to the thread.

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Got it thanks! Fun stuff, will try and record something using it :slight_smile:

I don’t have a particular place to host such things, I will share a link to this thread on the chipmusic forum if that’s cool tho, people there (those few who even still post there :frowning: ) will be interested I’m sure :slight_smile:

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Oh yes! That’s Trash80’s forum isn’t?
that’s cool :slight_smile:


astounded that this little study has gotten so much mileage :slightly_smiling_face:


I love this sort of systems, simple rules that expand into a ton of possibilities. It’s a great study, and I was wondering how many lines of assembly it would have to be compared to its lua counterpart.

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OK i uploaded it here: :slight_smile:

EDIT: fixed link


15 sec of live coding in spacetime 6502 on manjaro today, very cool, thx!

smart of you to add the ‘snare sound :slightly_smiling_face:


I want more of the first two seconds that sounded like a boss battle theme.


I cannot be the only one fantasizing about running a 6502 emulator on norns now :joystick:

Also fun to see people doing things with Plan 9. I haven’t followed the development for more than a decade, but it’s a strange, and at the same very familiar contraption.

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You can run NES games on Plan 9 with Aiju’s emulator :smiley:

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thx, this is great :slightly_smiling_face:

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