Spark fun button pads in EU?

Hi, I’m looking to build a monome clone, but I can’t find an european source for the spark fun buttons. Does anyone know where i can find them? what about the leds? which would you recommend?


I recomend you to buy the sparkfun buttons from a distributor. I bought them searching at an electronic online shop. It cost me about 60 euro 4 4x4 button pads (64 in total), including transport.
About the leds, I recomend you to use ones that keep nice with your faceplate. If you use a black faceplate, i’ll recomend you to use blue/red Leds. If you use a white faceplate, orange leds, and successively.

Hope that it helps and sorry for my english!

Watterott in Germany sells them:

Oh thanks great!!! I have some troubles getting the headers and the ribbon cables, the link for the jameco ones on the official bom aren’t unvailable, and can’t see the characteristics…

Proto-PIC, if you’re in the UK - - ?