SPDIF/Mac/Minidisc Help

Might have the solution:

Will sleep on it…

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So I bought the unit above, so there’s the CD to MD duplication solution. Should have it sometime next week I guess.

Now to brush up on using WaveBurner to burn CDs with CD-TEXT / track titles from the Mac. Feels SO 1980s!

:minidisc: :minidisc: :minidisc:


That is awesome. I’d like to eventually put together a how too guide for other people to get them on board, so keep notes!

So…this works. I’ll work on a way to streamline ‘production’ a little in the future, but looks like I can do this.


did you ever figure out a good auto track separation method?

Not auto…but with some work arounds and a master cd it can be done…but no track names. I had a workflow down between a few machines to duplicate md.