Special Sounds - Call for Collaboration

I wanted to share something that I’ve been working on for most of the past year in the hopes that some people will want to join in and contribute.

I been working on this interactive website as a way of creating some music for working and meditation. it has a few different sets of loops that can be “mixed” by dragging them around the page: y-axis is volume, and x-axis is panning left-right. I’ve had some fun uploading my own sets of loops, but I wanted to share it to see if there was any interest in contributing or collaborating from the community here. People here make such incredible music and I’d love to expand this site to include some other folks.

I’m really interesting in how music could be shared in this way—putting out a set of loops and letting listeners sort of create their own arrangements. I’m pretty open to any feedback or ideas for features that could be built into the site. So if you have any thoughts on use or are interesting in contributing in any way please let me know. Excited to see what ideas others will have!

Special Sounds


i’ll mess with the site and see how it feels

interested in contributing eventually
it’s a cool idea

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Yooo this is really cool! I’d be down to contribute something. I’d love to hear more about what you have in mind, be it merely submitting a loop pack for you to implement, or having me host a “sister site” or something like that.

I did perhaps find one bug. Once you add a loop, if you click to move it, it becomes stuck to the cursor, and the only thing I can do successfully is trash it. I was expecting to be able to move them around after I started one playing. I’m on chrome on mac.

Great stuff!

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I played around a little bit and it’s very intuitive. The loops you chose are really nice and very soothing. I really enjoyed it.

One thing that could be interesting is some kind of slow movement, in order to change the panning or volume without having to interact with the computer/tablet, etc. That would keep the music from feeling too static.
Also, it seems that right clicking can mess the visuals a little bit (the loop circle won’t visually disappear anymore).

Lovely website.

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really loving your design work, thanks for sharing!

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I really enjoyed setting clusters of loops, hearing them build up and swell. It’s now been playing for an hour and a half and I’ve gradually switched through each side. Really beautiful. Could I suggest some more color differentiation between the each side? Some neutral earth tones to compliment your original design, perhaps… thank you for sharing!

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amazing work, thank you for sharing! really love the design of the website, it’s very intuitive and everything looks so beautiful and calm!

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What a lovely thing, thanks for sharing!

This happens to me as well on Chrome/Linux.

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This is brilliant! I can imagine lots of folks in a yoga class or other setting just setting this up and letting it run for an hour or so. What type of sounds do you want? What type of sound files do you want? What length of files do you want?

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Thank for the feedback, everyone! Glad to know it’s (mostly) working well. I’ll try to figure those bugs out this weekend and clean it up.

I love the idea of introducing some automated movement. That’s is great way to help keep the loops fresh.

As for how to go about collaboration: I interested in both some sister sites and maybe just including more, detailed “sides” with others’ sets of loops. Maybe even linking to contributors if wanted? I think just for ease of loading, mp3 files would be best :(. I think anything goes as far as style. The more varied, the better, maybe just keeping in mind that they will likely be asynchronous and phasing due to the nature of the site.

The sister site could be really cool, but logistically may be a bit more challenging. Maybe worth exploring though.


How would you want us to submit loops?

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Is the code open anywhere?

ive been playing it all afternoon while im studying - nice! I’m wondering what Side A B C does? as any change on one is copied onto the others?

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I’d love to contribute to this. How long do the loops need to be? How do I get involved? Many thanks, B