Specifc eurorack case size

I need to get a particular case size due to space restrictions in my studio. I need exactly this:

…only unpowered and with the two rows horizontal and one row vertical.

I’ve emailed this person several times asking if they would sell an unpowered version but have not received a reply yet.

Does anyone have any recommendations for something like this? I’m really trying to keep it around $400 but I know this is unlikely.

The Moog 104hp cases with the 3-tier rack sides may work for you but won’t get you the vertical arrangement you want. Otherwise, should be roughly the same as the picture but unpowered.

maybe this? www.ginkosynthese.com/product/wooden-case-diy-kit/

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Great suggestion but I think that will be too tall for what I need.

Thanks! This definitely looks promising. I don’t think they are available in the US at the moment though.

What are the dimensions you are looking for? Don’t see anything on the Reverb page. I too am in the market for a case…

Sounds like a great weekend diy project!

There are quite a few options here.

I did a quick look and I think you will be about $450 with out power. Shipping will be a wait but saving money is like that.