[Speckles of dust floating in space]




General Controls

In speckles there are generic controls; these have the same functionality across the different screens

  • Encoder 1 changes the overall Volume
  • Button 1 has the standard norns function of toggling between speckles and the main menu
  • Button 3 changes the active screen

Button 2, Encoder 2 and Encoder 3 are screen dependant

Screen 1 - Osc

This is the Osc screen, where one can control the Engine’s sound maker.
Encoder 2 will handle the speckles density, Encoder 3 will handle the panning and Button 2 toggles the Reverb on and off

NB the Reverb is the main norns Reverb, not an engine specific one

Screen 2 - Filter

The filter screen we can control the engine’s filtering; there are four options available to us:

  • disabled (default)
  • lowpass
  • bandpass
  • highpass

Button 2 will allow switching active filter
Using Encoder 2 the filter frequency can be changed and Encoder 3 will change the filter’s resonance

Screen 3 - LFO

The LFO screen allows us to control a random stepped LFO that will impact the panning

Using Encoder 2 we control the LFO rate and Encoder 3 controls the amount applied to the panning. This will be centered around the current panning value (defined in screen 1).
Also of note is that panning (standard value + the LFO) will be clipped between -1 and 1

Screen 4 - Help


This is a generic help screen


install with

;install https://github.com/bgc/speckles

make sure to do SYSTEM > RESTART after installing or updating.

Github Link