SPECTRO\temporel 0x01, IKLECTIK art lab, London: Rastegah, kk_junker, Lara David, oh!t - 1 Sept 2022

SPECTRO\temporel 0x01, IKLECTIK art lab, London: Rastegah, kk_junker, Lara David, oh!t

IKLECTIK art lab, London Sept 1 2022 20:00 - 23:30

the first event in a series by London-based sound art platform, SPECTRO\temporel, at the excellent experimental arts venue, IKLECTIK.

SPECTRO\temporel is a platform for listening, performance, creation and experimentation from emerging artists in electronic music. Working between the auditory, visual and spatial, SPECTRO\temporel explores new spaces in computer music.



NTS: Cong Burn



Rastegah is a London based computer music researcher focussing on timbre and experimental sound creations.



oh!t is a musician based in London. Originally a violinist, he turned to production in 2020, combining beatless melting pots of slippery atmospheres with frenetic percussive workouts and shard-like vocals.


Lara David

Lara David is a content provider for Table Jelly Dishes, Peach Discs and Cong Burn. Here she delivers a club session of physical and spiritual metamorphosis, generating frenzied, time-bending machine rhythms that explode across the dancefloor, contorting bodies and minds into new forms.



kk_junker is the current sonic guise of Middlesbrough based electronic musician, Aaron Turner. Formerly producing music as one half of Perfume Advert, and under their solo alias as Anxiety Support Group, Turner has released records on several popular electronic labels (Opal Tapes/1080p/Cong Burn) and has had notable performances at Mutek Festival, Boiler Room and FreeRotation.

Since 2016, he has co-presented the Cong Burn NTS show alongside other label affiliates and guests. In 2022, kk_junker’s debut album was released on Opal Tapes; a distillation of previous projects combining generative sample triggering, vocal manipulation and live rhythm programming to invoke expressionistic visions of a mirrored universe. A thick miasma of dub ambience, distant sound signals and throbbing club music, as heard through the ears of an extraterrestrial visitor.

expect electronic ambient, dub, techno, modular, drone, analogue

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