Speed/Responsiveness of OSC over WiFi (Norns) vs USB

Currently I’m keeping my Grid and Arc plugged into my Norns and when I want to control something on my computer (Kyma) I’m using a script on Norns to send OSC over WiFi. Would I get faster/better OSC data transfer if my Grid and Arc were plugged in via USB to my MacBook, using Serial-OSC direct?

I would try direct but I’m without my Kyma at moment so have no way of testing.


Yes. Another idea would be to use Ethernet rather than WiFi for communication with norns. You’d need an Ethernet to usb adapter.


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Can you use the ethernet on the Pi rather than USB ethernet adapter?

I would guess that stock Norns doesn’t have an ethernet port, but the shield (and possibly fates) does, so on a shield you could use the ethernet port but on a stock Norns an adaptor is needed.

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If you’re using a raspberry pi 3 or 4 series, yes. Norns doesn’t have an Ethernet port because it uses the compute module series with a custom PCB.

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I can recommend this USB Ethernet adaptor for norns (non-shield) folks. It can be found via multiple sellers online, often for a lower price than direct. I use this adaptor on my norns and it has been flawless over the last ~2 years.

As others above have indicated avoiding WiFi is likely desirable if sending a bunch of performance oriented controls via OSC. In the case of using Kyma + norns - the fastest, most reliable path would be OSC from norns => Paca[rana] directly over a wired ethernet connection (assuming one has their Paca[rana] connected over ethernet, which I find more convenient than using Firewire 800)


Thanks. I’m needing to use OSCulator to do a bit of magic on the way in generally so direct to pacarana may not work. Perhaps I can revisit script to avoid needing it though. Cheers