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Animation by Brian0918, Public Domain

Welcome to splicer! :dna:

This is an eduscript for sequins and lattice.

DNA shall be our metaphor for this lesson. DNA is a double helix, so we shall have two patterns attached to one instance of the “lattice” core sequencer. (There is also a third “utility” pattern.) DNA pairs adenine with thymine and guanine with cytosine, so we shall have four instances of “Sequins.”

That’s where the metaphor ends!

We’ll use our lattice and Sequins to send some notes to the PolyPerc engine.

Adenine and guanine store note values (pitch). Thymine and cytosine store note triggers (on/off). Open up /home/we/dust/code/splicer/splicer.lua and scan through the code.

Find the comment that says “Lesson 2: Livecode” to continue the lesson.

Happy splicing!

Sequins docs: https://monome.org/docs/crow/reference/#sequins
Lattice docs: https://monome.org/docs/norns/reference/lib/lattice


Huge thanks to @Galapagoose for the brilliant Sequins library that came with crow v3. I just copied and pasted their code into the right place on norns and sent in a PR.


;install https://github.com/northern-information/splicer

splicer on GitHub


Thanks, @tyleretters ! Looks like a great starting point for me to understand how to make a sequencer for Norns.


:smiley: let me know if anything’s unclear or you’d like more explanation!

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