Split M4L apps across 256

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using a lot the terms’ apps and re:mix lately (thanks to everyone involved btw!), midi mapping track focus works well to switch between apps but I would like to find a way to split my 256 into a 128V for launchd and a 128H for re:mix, so I have everything at hand all the time.

I thought pages could help me do that so I tried to set it up using a quadrants pages with external apps but it didn’t work (other ableton type pages are working fine though), it seems that each time I load an m4l app it takes over pages, am I doing something wrong or is there any other way to do this ?

ah and I’m using Live9 / Max7 / Win7
Thanks !

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been looking around the forum but it seems that there’s no stable way to do this at the moment or am i missing something ?

I don’t think there’s a stable way to do this at the moment.

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Too bad… thanks Jason !