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I posted a set of three tracks on Soundcloud and Boing Boing today. It’s for a new series of mine called “Spoken Word with Electronics” - The first issue is a tribute to David Berman, who I’d been communicating with this year. David had agreed to participate in a track, and I’d suggested we discuss it in the winter. Time ran out (love to him) but here’s a piece about the process:

And here’s the three tracks:


Thanks for creating/sharing these. Finally was able to get through listening to the whole Purple Mountains record today.


Hey, cheers, Trebbers - Thanks for the comment. Yeah, Purple Mountains is a beautiful record. I’m thankful to have heard it for about a month before its context changed. I initially saw it as a candid and widely optimistic recording. Even afterward, I find the entire recording to be a brave and wonderful gift.

I still love the opening two tracks immensely, as well as “Margaritas at the Mall”.

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Hi, all Liners! - Spoken Word with Electronics Issue #2 posted on Boing Boing yesterday.

Pretty good listen from an interview I conducted with Paul Krassner in 2017. Might be a good audio entertainment for a minute or so.



Side A: Paul Krassner on his recollection of Nov 22 1963

Side B: “Earth Take Four” (Volcanoes and Laughing Gas)

Hope all are well in these unusual moments, Ethan

Edit to add here’s a playlist with all episodes compiled together, updated as new shows are completed:

Hi, everyone - Hope the current circumstances are going well for you all.

Shifting to a full radio format for new episodes, including me as a host and other details. Here’s episode #6 — A tribute to Mel Blanc and Food Hoarders:

This week’s episode is a pretty good one on growing up in Aurora, Colorado — Specifically around 1979 and all the weird records one could find in their homes, hidden away by the parents.

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Hi, all - Episode Ten explores Jules Verne’s copying of Swiss Family Robinson, Pranking a Bird with a Watermelon, and the Truth about Ice Cream on TV—It’s Mashed Potatoes!


Good Memorial Day! This week’s Spoken Word with Electronics is a tribute to David Wojnarowicz and “The Summer Song” by The Cicadas.

Hello, all - Hope your week was safe and your cities are calming.

This week’s episode involves Facebook banning us. Episodes ten and eleven can’t be shared on their platform currently, and they haven’t responded as to why. So the only practical response is to roast them. I also include some coding tips on Linting and other data inquiry for your own content. Enjoy: The Facebook Community Standards Roast!

Episode 13 has gone to the bugs! Specifically cicadas, my favorite insect. Learn about Massospora, the Cicada Pandemic that fills them with psychedelic/amphetamine impulses and turns cicadas into raving uncontrollable sex maniacs. Covid has nothing on Massospora. Cicadas win the Pandemic contest:

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Thanks Ethan I have been very much enjoying this series!

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Thank you, @yobink! - Been loving The Isolation Tapes, too! Thanks so much for putting that work out.

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Glad you are enjoying some of it, it’s getting unwieldy. Need to come out of isolation soon!

@yobink: Ha, well, if isolation and discomfort lead to wonderful mood and music, I’m loving it!

You should post some instrument notes on the Bandcamp page, curious what’s on some of those tracks. Rock n roll, buddy.

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This week’s show is about Space Aliens and their allergy to human technology.

It’s why they don’t visit us anymore!

All proven and fact checked in the following presentation:

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This week’s show praises the Spamp Amp (and the Rockman) and solves everyone’s problems with money by liquidating all the world’s capitol into saliva.

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This week’s episode is on language and triggers, as it applies to drum machines, sequencers, and politics.

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Love this show so much! Every episode is a treasure.

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Thank you so much, Irving!

This week’s show:

Sound Design Tutorial for ERASERHEAD and 2001: A Space Odyssey