Spoken Word with Electronics - Weekly Show

I posted a set of three tracks on Soundcloud and Boing Boing today. It’s for a new series of mine called “Spoken Word with Electronics” - The first issue is a tribute to David Berman, who I’d been communicating with this year. David had agreed to participate in a track, and I’d suggested we discuss it in the winter. Time ran out (love to him) but here’s a piece about the process:

And here’s the three tracks:


Thanks for creating/sharing these. Finally was able to get through listening to the whole Purple Mountains record today.


Hey, cheers, Trebbers - Thanks for the comment. Yeah, Purple Mountains is a beautiful record. I’m thankful to have heard it for about a month before its context changed. I initially saw it as a candid and widely optimistic recording. Even afterward, I find the entire recording to be a brave and wonderful gift.

I still love the opening two tracks immensely, as well as “Margaritas at the Mall”.

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Hi, all Liners! - Spoken Word with Electronics Issue #2 posted on Boing Boing yesterday.

Pretty good listen from an interview I conducted with Paul Krassner in 2017. Might be a good audio entertainment for a minute or so.



Side A: Paul Krassner on his recollection of Nov 22 1963

Side B: “Earth Take Four” (Volcanoes and Laughing Gas)

Hope all are well in these unusual moments, Ethan

Edit to add here’s a playlist with all episodes compiled together, updated as new shows are completed:

Hi, everyone - Hope the current circumstances are going well for you all.

Shifting to a full radio format for new episodes, including me as a host and other details. Here’s episode #6 — A tribute to Mel Blanc and Food Hoarders:

This week’s episode is a pretty good one on growing up in Aurora, Colorado — Specifically around 1979 and all the weird records one could find in their homes, hidden away by the parents.

Hi, all - Episode Ten explores Jules Verne’s copying of Swiss Family Robinson, Pranking a Bird with a Watermelon, and the Truth about Ice Cream on TV—It’s Mashed Potatoes!


Good Memorial Day! This week’s Spoken Word with Electronics is a tribute to David Wojnarowicz and “The Summer Song” by The Cicadas.