turn the mac trackpad into 4 simultaneous midi faders

divides the mac trackpad into four vertical faders outputting MIDI cc. while enabled, the trackpad cannot be used as a mouse, includes a toggle mapped to the β€˜~’ key. a little tricky to set up, but handy for laptop-only performance setups.


Max/Msp or Max/Msp Trial
Apple Macbook (might work with the magic mouse)
anything that interprets MIDI cc values


quickstart (ableton live)

(with ableton open & max/max trial installed)

  1. run spondee.mxf
  2. select the active keyboard on the left dropdown (this may take some trial & error)
  3. select the desired midi destination on the right dropdown (from max 1 is fine)
  4. the numbers on the top row set midi cc values. the defaults will work fine atm.
  5. in ableton hit ⌘m and click on a parameter to map
  6. hit β€˜~’ (which will enable spondee)
  7. moving your finger up & down on the far left of your trackpad will move the leftmost slider. this will also map your parameter in ableton
  8. hit β€˜~’ again
  9. click in the ableton window and hit ⌘m to exit midi mapping
  10. become frustrated with the mapping process, especially as you look back and forth between these instructions and the programs
  11. notice you can map four parameters and control them all at the same time in high resolution. that is why this program is useful vs. just using the mouse to control stuff. pairs well with synecdoche for keyboard playing.
  12. have fun !




I like this. Thanks!

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Oh wow! I spend most of my lunch breaks at work working on music with my laptop - I can’t thank you enough for this. Very handy.

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