Spooky Season - A Halloween Movie Thread

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we’re already 1.5 weeks into october, and like many of you i’m spending the month leading up to halloween watching as many horror flicks as possible. every year i try to watch only movies i haven’t seen before, which isn’t too difficult yet because i:

  1. almost exclusively watch horror/slasher movies during october, and
  2. have only been keeping this tradition since like 2014

there are plenty of good horror flicks on the usual streaming services and many many more on the pirate bay and beyond, so i’m wondering: what are your favorite horror flicks for :ghost: spooky season :ghost:?

also, fun fact: when i was a kid i went to boy scout camp at the place where the first Friday the 13th was filmed!


i’ll start:
we spent spooky season 2018 watching a bunch of slasher “classics” i hadn’t seen before, including nightmare on elm street and friday the 13th. after reading a bit about all the wild and weird sequels that came after, we decided to focus mostly on sequels this year. after watching halloween 3 the other day we’re getting into the NoES series, mostly because i rly like the whole dream/reality confusion that is the centerpiece of the movies. we watched #2 last night, and i’m pretty excited for patricia arquette and lawrence fishburne in #3:


I don’t know if it classes as a traditional horror film, but the UK film Kill List (directed by the amazing Ben Wheatley) really got under my skin and scared me.

WARNING it’s a great film… but laugh a minute it ain’t!


Oh and The Descent is also another great British horror movie.


big co-sign for the descent, watched this one as a teenager and it rly freaked me out. not a good choice for the claustrophobic!

Was a big fan of the Spanish one: image


My partner and I often share that one of our greatest accomplishments was making it through the entire Hellraiser franchise.

This accomplishment was disrupted in 2018 with the unexpected release of the tenth movie, but in early 2019, we climbed that seemingly insurmountable peak.

Hellraiser becomes intensely grueling around the fourth movie - a sensation it somehow manages to top each time. By the later movies, they aren’t even fun bad. They just make Jesus weep.


The original Exorcist movie is still probably the wildest ride I’ve been on in horror movie land. Partially because the content is effectively disturbing, but mostly because there are so many jarring cuts from something intense to something relatively calm that makes me hyper aware of my fear responses. I haven’t tapped into that level of awareness from jump-scares or enduring-pursuit arcs that a lot of other horror movies rely on.


Not a movie, but this is hands down the best horror podcast i ever heard, maybe the best narrator ever at least.

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Probably known by everyone but I enjoyed:

  • a classic musical with a lot of humour
  • another comedy/horror but has a lot of 80s charm
  • 90s horror with shoegaze/trip hop soundtrack :wink:
  • classic horror which imprinted the “brain eating zombie” stereotype into pop culture mind. The funny thing is that pop culture zombies are slow and fond of brains which is a remix of two zombie types from Night of the Dead and Return of the living dead. From the first movie the zombies were slow and didn’t mind eating other parts than brain and in the second movie they were fast and mostly interested in brains.

I watch horror year-round and have a drawer full of black t-shirts so this isn’t necessarily an October-centric list:

Pieces (1982). This is a batshit-crazy bad/good slasher. It feels like it takes place in the same insane universe that Sleepaway Camp also occupies.

Tourist Trap (1979). Another slasher…this one gets creepy in a way that many other slashers don’t.

Trick or Treat (1986). Play a record backwards, summon a dead rock star that wants to kill your friends. This one I DO watch every October.

Chopping Mall (1986). Thank you, have a nice day.

The House of the Devil (2009). One of my favorite 21st century horror movies.

It Follows (2015). Another wonderful modern horror with a fantastic score by Disasterpeace.

Re-Animator (1985). The first (and my favorite) of the Stuart Gordon directing Jeffery Combs H.P. Lovecraft adaptations. Get a job in a sideshow…

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982). UNPARALLELED CINEMATIC EXCELLENCE (also my favorite Carpenter/Howarth soundtrack).


I rewatched Argento’s Phenomena a few days ago and clearly I’d forgotten how great it was. Definitely one of his weirder movies, plot- and execution-wise, and one of my very fave Goblin scores. Baby Jennifer Connelly is a friend to all insects. A tale of interspecies solidarity and… some other stuff. Lots of maggots.

Another really awesome Goblin score that I think doesn’t get as much attention because it’s not an Argento flick – Luigi Cozzi’s Contamination. Haven’t seen this one in a while, definitely adding it to the list for this month. This trailer captures the spirit well, IIRC.

Oh, and if you like Re-Animator but haven’t seen From Beyond, DO IT. Careful with those pineal glands, folks. Also recommended for fans of Hellraiser, Cronenberg, and the color pink.


The partner and I just watched Night of the Comet last week!

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Sadly this hasn’t been made yet:

and im not sure if it would count if it was?

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2 George C Scott classics

The Changeling is a great ghost story. I watch it once every few years around this time.

Exorcist 3 is underrated, has some problems at the end, but the overall tone is somehow what I wish all Stephen King adaptations have, but none actually do.

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I find myself whistling this way too much

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A few faves:

I know The White Ribbon isn’t exactly horror… but I vividly remember finding it intensely disquieting and unsettling, but in a very ambiguous non-jump scares kinda way.


I dismissed the V/H/S anthology series as just another Blair Witch “found footage” rip off, which it kind of is. But the “Safe Haven” segment from V/H/S 2 totally freaked me out, and still does when I think back on it. The set up does not prepare you for what follows. A couple of the other segments from the series are decent.

For no-holds-barred, over-the-top remake horror, you can’t beat The Hills Have Eyes. Cartoonish yet brutal.

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My band samples the tub banging sound from The Changeling at the beginning of one of our songs: Tombs of Sleeping Darkness


kill list is one of the most unsettling movies i’ve ever seen.