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This EP is an adaptation and reinterpretation of William Carlos Williams’ Spring and All, written in the wake of World War I and the 1918 flu pandemic. The song titles and spoken words all come from the book. Every spring for the past eight years, I have read this book and have found it to be a deep well of inspiration and motivation, and a tool for resetting my relationship with my creativity and imagination. It is a work of art that confounds definition as a book of prose poems, or a manifesto, or any such confinement. This spring, in the midst of another pandemic, it is a reminder of history with an eye towards imagining a future. I hoped to capture something about this place where we are and something about an other place.

Tools & Process

All the sounds were generated in this modular system:

Field recordings are from an excursion at low tide to a beach in Galway, with my dear friend @Rustre (who was a great help and inspiration to completing this project). The spoken words were recorded to tape by me. This material was played through the sampler in the above system.

The modular was recorded into Giorgio Sancristoforo’s Fantastic Voyage: “a multieffect virtual stompbox with integrated looper and a 4 (stereo) tracks recorder.” Thank you to @naxuu for sharing it here. This was the inspiring tool that spurned the beginnings of this EP. Most of the tracks were recorded in single takes into this software, although there are a couple instances of layering usually by loading a recording into Fantastic Voyage’s looper and playing over it.

This is my first modular release, thank you to everyone here for this community, and thank you for listening. I set it to unlimited free streams but DM if you want a free download code :slight_smile:


Sounds great. Looking forward to listening.

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love the album cover!

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a rainsluiced road in connemara :slight_smile:


Great stuff looking forward to diving in!

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