St. Louis, MO

I’ve been seeing all the different threads for events in different locations, so I thought i’d start up one for my city! It’s hard enough to meet people doing the same thing here!

Been working on planning some events for synth and modular peeps in the area, so let me know what you’d like to see!


hello folks! to anyone who’s going to be in the area, i along with some local synth folks in the area have set up a meetup! it’s going to be taking place on saturday oct 15th, from about 1-4ish. we’ll be in the Arch Reactor makerspace, which is just off South Jefferson and I-64.
Here’s a link to an FB event that’s got most of the information you’d need!

please come by and stay as long as you like! feel free to bring some gear if you want. (i know i will :grin:)

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Hmm, is there a non-Facebook link? Or anything else important to know besides the date/time and location? :slight_smile:

Right now travel plans are up in the air so I have no real idea whether I’ll be in the area that weekend, but it’s a possibility.

Nothing particularly important. Just some things to keep in mind, like; “if you do, be mindful of how much gear you bring”, “don’t forget headphones”, and a mention of some of the stuff we’ll do, such as a small jam and a couple of presentations; as well as a shoutout to Arch Reactor for letting us use the space.
If you’re around, we’d love to have you!

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