Stack: stereo bandpass filterbank for Norns


Stereo bandpass filterbank for Norns.

Audio input is passed through a stack of 8 fixed-frequency resonant bandpass filters, each an octave apart. One filter may be active at a time, chosen by ENC1.

Pattern recorder: Use KEY2 (record) and KEY3 (stop recording + play) to record and play back rhythmic filtering patterns.

This script was influenced by Hainbach’s videos on passive bandpass filter boxes…


  • Norns/Fates
  • Audio input (stereo)


Install using Maiden, or download the latest release from Github.



Very cool, but I’m getting a lot of clicks when scrolling/recording through the different banks.

kinda like having a Moogerfooger MuRF on norns!

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Yeah, it’s admittedly a little clicky at the moment.

Looking into using a Lag'd array of volumes [0, 0, 1, [...]] instead of a Select to get a potentially smoother response. Having trouble getting Norns and Supercollider to talk w/this scheme but I’m sure there’s a way… worst case I’ll try out a more hardcoded version.

Also: should be installable via Maiden now!


Ok - pushed an update that I think helps with audio clickiness a lot. LMK if things are sounding better @huron!

Here’s a quick test running my Shbobo Shnth through it. This is 100% “wet” for demo purposes but I’ve found I like letting some of the dry signal through (via monitor volume) and using this script as a way to accentuate certain frequencies to vary the tone.

Next up: grid support…


Ooooh, you had me at Grid support!

Just added basic grid support!

Row 1, Col 1-9 = select active filter (same as ENC 1 on Norns)
Row 2, Col 1 = start recording/stop playback (same as KEY 2 on Norns)
Row 2, Col 2 = stop recording/begin playback (same as KEY 3 on Norns)

I only have a monobright 64, so I didn’t add any visual indicators other than basic on/off for filter index and recording state.

Edit: I lied - I forgot to push :expressionless: Updated for real now haha.


this looks great! i’m getting an error message though when i download from maiden. tried to reinstall a few times and got dronecaster up and running just now, so hopefully this helps.

loading engine: Stack
### SCRIPT ERROR: missing Stack
>> reading PMAP /home/we/dust/data/stack/stack.pmap /home/we/dust/data/stack/stack.pmap not read.

Did you try rebooting your Norns? Stack includes a new Supercollider engine, so that requires a reboot (or a restart of the audio stack).

HELL YES I’ve wanted one of these for so long. Will come in well handy.

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that was it! thanks so much :slight_smile:

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