Stackcable best practices

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Don’t actually have any modular stuff of my own up and going just yet (just receiving a couple modules and awaiting an -isms), but have been looking intently at some of the monome/mannequins/mutable/make noise/4ms things.

Am I correct that the purpose of the stackcable is creating 2 mult outs of the signal coming into the cable (one on each end of the cable)? Perhaps it is a thing where it is visually deceptive, but do people around here use them for purposes beyond that?

For instance, (and I can see the unit is not plugged in to power) are the stackables plugged into the outputs here being used to sum or mix multiple inputs? I’ve read a few muffwiggler pages on stackcables which seem to frown on this, but is this concern perhaps overblown? or maybe this is a controlled instance? or a patch created solely to visualize the unit w/ plugs in it. Or am I missing the point alltogether … very possible.


Mixing with passive mults isn’t advised. Really what you’re doing is just adding voltages together, so depending on the drive of your modules you could end up with some high or weird fluctuating voltages. This could be bad depending what voltages your modules are expecting to receive. Also if you’re trying to mix 1v/o signals this way the scaling will be off.

Although I have noticed that one of the Mannequins manuals suggests one do this :wink:

Mixing multiple sources into a single destination can create problems when the output impedance of modules is not matched. One of the benefits of using modules from the same maker is that they typically have matched output impedances (typically 1kohm in eurorack modules). In the case of matched output impedances signals will mix equally, though also be attenuated according to how many are attached - eg. mixing 2 will half their volume, 3 will divide by 3.

Working within isms, particularly if you’re using primarily monome & mannequins modules, will yield largely predictable results when mixing outputs with stackcables.

The inverse connection (eg. sending one sequencer to two oscillators) is the typical stackcable connection, and is the primary purpose of the design. There can be some voltage ‘droop’, but I’ve never found a need for an active mult for 2 or 3 destinations.

Also - stackcables get loose, break and lose connection when you brush off them. In my experience. Get some mults and mixers.

Also beginning to wish i banana. 1/8 jack tolerances and fit are all over the shop in Euro.


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bananas are my true <3

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Stackcables are great! I particularly like the quality/feel/colors of those cables. Has its price though. And you don’t wanna stack more than 3… I use them mainly to trigger multiple things

If rack space is at a premium, and lets face it, that’s most of the time, there’s always the Intellijel Hub as another alternative to stackcables.