Stagebox for desk?

I have a few synth modules on a table, and connecting their audio outputs to my mixer and tyding everything up becomes always annoying when I want to relocate things. Having one small audio distribution box on the desktop, connected via one multicore to the mixer, would make things easier: a small box with 8, 12 or 16 1/4" TRS IN jacks, connected to corresponding 1/4 inch OUT jacks so I can connect a loom on one side and the synths audio outs on the other side.

Everything I find – like Hosa MHB-350 or Art TPatch has some patchbay funcionality (normaled, half-normaled…), which I don’t want – or is too big or has mini jacks or is unbalanced. Do I really have to DIY one?

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There‘s this:

Haven‘t checked if they‘re in producion though.

I DIYed an 8 input small stagebox with 2 meters of cable. I used a aluminium box and i sacrificed an 8 core jack-jack multi cable i already had. I doubled the inputs to have 3,5mm and 6,3mm jack inputs.

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Here you go:

Various similar things from other manufacturers out there too.


I have one of these, which may not be exactly what you want for synths (given that half the inputs are XLR and half are XLR/TRS), but it’s inexpensive and works well:


Thanks, indeed, that’s pretty close to what I have in mind! It should also be possible to swap the four XLRs for XLR/TRS if needed.