Standalone Nanoloop dedicated device

As an old user and fan of nanoloop and Oliver Wittchow I’ve got to share this:


Love various versions of nanoloop :slight_smile: this looks amazing

Now someone just needs to make a hardware digital synth of the Korg DS-10 and i’ll be happy

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Whoa! I had the original yellow cartridge. Backed!

Jumped on this like a kangaroo. Backer #90 - Can’t believe it’s only $100 (empty eurorack cases without power cost more, ha)

Nanoloop is such a masterful thing. I’m super psyched about the cv and mid sync.


I love the DS cartridge of that so much. (My wife got me the cartridge as a gift and it was such a perfect thing to receive years ago)

Not sure if you’ve seen the ipad iteration but it’s pretty snappy. Fairly sure you can integrate a midi keyboard as a controller, too.


Thanks for this alert. Now I just tried nanoloop for the first time. iOS. Fun.

Backed! Excited to make some chiptune bloops from my couch!

This looks sooooo good. But… Must… Resist… Gas…

im not really sure how this thing works and whats going on in the video but it looks fun.

Yeah, I have the cart and also a memory card thing for homebrew apps (there are some other good DS music things like GlitchDS etc), I’ve taken to loading up multiple folders with duplicates of the DS-10 so i can have more save slots :slight_smile:

one of these days i’ll actually finish one of the grime or flashcore tracks i’ve been trying to make while on long train journeys :slight_smile: (likewise with the iphone nanoloop too)

Oh cool, I have used ipad version of the MS-20 which is pretty great too

I think nanoloop on the phone is the perfect thing for quick&fun casual noodling. I’ve made 2 albums by just reworking all the sketches and experiments I had made on it. It’s very immediate, but offers enough to keep me inspired.


i only wish iOS NL could have midi sync so i could use it alongside other gear…

also it’s kinda unstable for a live performance unfortunately.

NL on iOS does have MIDI sync, although I can’t remember how well it works.
Also, back when I used it a lot it seemed pretty stable to me, but maybe my memory plays tricks on me.

Very cool.
I wish it had the sampling capabilities of the iOS version.

2 Likes that time I played nanoloop at an open mic nite. the Gameboy startup chime is a real crowd pleaser :smiley:

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does it? i rmember a while ago i wanted to use NL on iOS with my other gear but something wasn’t working… maybe i’m confusing the midi sync feature to something else… I’ll double check it

lol, I just re-opened NL on my iphone and dit kept crashing seconds after opening it up… not sure that’s stage worthy.

Update: My nanoloop arrived this week, joy!

Did an episode on it:


it’s been forever since i checked this forum but yeah i got min in december 2020 as well and i LOVE IT!

I just received mine after it was in shipping for like 3 = months!

Are there any nice tutorials out there i have absolutely no idea what’s going on hahah.

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I was seriously confused when I got mine because I didn’t find the official manual via google. If you haven’t already read that, it at least got me far enough that I could explore on my own.

My device was also in bootloader mode when I got it, which I interpreted as empty battery so there was quite a bit of hairpulling without the manual, but that’s another story.