Stands for gigging / performances

tl;dr: When you perform out and about, what do you put your gear on? Looking to play standing up, and relatively portable…

Need help… first gig at a small venue fast approaching, and I’m at a bit of a loss for a stand for my rig.

I perform on three MIDI controllers and a groovebox. Here they are layed out on my desk as I play them:

Of course, there is also a laptop and an audio interface, but I only need visual on the computer screen, not mouse/keyboard.

In the past, we’ve always played at standing desks - we have them in our rehearsal space, I have one at home, and our last gig we were able to borrow some. But, bringing standing desks to most gigs is pretty impractical!

What I don’t want is to get a cheap, standard folding table that’s 29" high, and play standing but all hunched over.

I’ve been looking at keyboard stands, with various shelves and attachments - but can’t seem to find anything that works - looks like it’ll be stable enough to drum on the controller, and doesn’t seem totally jury-rigged.

Suggestions, please!



Lots of people swear by Jaspers aluminum.

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You need this:

Banquet tables are too low and too large, card tables are too low, too wimpy, and too square. A 24" X 48" table at counter height is perfect for most setups. I host a lot of shows and have three of these tables, everyone loves them. Get some groovy tablecloths for them too:

Don’t be a square, daddy-o. :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: My back hurts just thinking about it!

Yeah - they look very solid… but also not really something I’d take apart, throw in my car, and drive to a bar to set up!

Take apart? What do you mean?

Shrug, they seem to have a really wide range of sizes.

They don’t look like they are designed to fold up - The box and A frame Jaspers stands don’t seem designed to be portable. Are they? The site’s information is sparse, and images not very big (even when zoomed!)

Indeed. They are great (I have one) but they’re not really designed for portability. It’s a fair amount of work to assemble and disassemble.

@jnoble’s table is probably the best idea then.

I’d recommend just cutting a piece of plywood to size and attaching velcro so your controllers can be tacked down during performance. Then put it on some kind riser stand. Keyboard Z stands work well for that sort of thing.

So long as it’s not too large to fit in your vehicle.


That’s great, I didn’t know these were a thing. A table like this with some kind of nice wrap or drape would look good too.

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I have a growing collection of hippie drapes, they look pretty good on the table:

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I use a pedalboard flight case as a makeshift table on top of an X style keyboard stand.


i use a keyboard case on an x-stand or it sits on my rhodes. both are fun!

Hi - I know this may be costly, but I’d recommend forming a half circle around you with your controllers using these:

I swear by them. They are sturdy and you can always reconfigure.

Spent too much time looking at various folding tables and stands the last few days. I currently thinking of going with this:

A little pricey, but seems very stable, sets up easily, no loose parts, and transportable.


Sorry to be off topic, but what’s the unit leftmost on the picture? Can’t seem to load highres enough to read its name or maker (“enhance” doesn’t seem to do it)

FaderFox UC44 - expensive, but really well made and very nice feature set.

If this sort of thing floats your boat… a) I have python scripts for configuring it easily, b) I’m about to release an Ableton Remote script that improves the experience (and not just FaderFox specific, should work for mostly midi-box-o-slider-knobs-and-buttons)

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