Stands for gigging / performances

Thanks for the info! Would definitely be keen on an ableton remote script if it works with other controllers as well!

This arrived today:

Only bump is what to do with the audio interface (there in the back on the left). If the computer tray were wider it could live there… may have to swap out that stand for something with a wider tray.


Wow that’s pretty amazing folded!

How about some velcro to attach it out of the way on the bottom?


that is very, very satisfying.

do you ever need to get at the audio interface mid performance, or could it be under something? eg, a sloping stand to put the 44 on?

Well - ideally, yes - both the master volume and headphone volume are on the interface - and while I can get at volume control for those via Live via my controllers - nothing quite beats having a knob at the last gain stage.

Hi! Sorry my title is a bit butchered, not really sure how to describe this better without some extra text.

I’m in the process of building a little live set up consisting of:
Eurorack (7u 84hp Intellijel)
Grid 128
Macbook + UA Apollo Twin (Until I have the funds for norns)
Mini 3ch Mixer
My Drum Set

I’m curious if anyone has done something similar and has found a good table solution to throw next to a drumset. So far I have the Eurorack Case covered. I bought an Onstage Stands RS7000 (tiltback amp stand) for the case, which is perfect. I was looking for something that would set up at a comfortable height next to me while I’m sitting at the kit.

The problem I’m having now is finding some sort of table that is portable (foldable preferably) and sits low enough that I can use it comfortably while sitting on my drum throne. I’ve looked into those adjustable lifetime folding tables, but I don’t think they go low enough and may be a little too big.

Has anyone found a cool solution or maybe has an idea that they could share?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

This is pretty cool! Thanks for sharing.

In my searching, I also found this as a possible solution. Anyone have experience with this? Looks pretty sturdy.

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Hey! @madeofoak Just saw this picture of your rig. Are you using the pedalboard case to travel with your gear inside as well? This looks like a great solution to my post above. Is it something you got custom made, or is it just a generic case?

at that point (2016) yes, all my gear travelled inside the case. it’s a nice all in one solution though a bit messy with TSA.

if you’re sitting down you could probably use the case as designed and mount all your gear with velcro (or whatever) to the interior pedalboard and just pop the top off and plug in. and the case wasn’t custom, it was from road cases usa. still kicking after all these years though very very beat up.

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Awesome! Yeah I can imagine flying with that could have been a hassle at some points.

And yup, the velcro inside was my exact thought after seeing your picture. Not a bad idea at all. This could work really well. Looks like that company also has a super nifty pop-up version of the case where the “pedal” section pops out at an angle. Sick!


Learned about these from @marcus_fischer. Looks like they’re currently sold out:


Pretty rad @caelmore! Thanks for sharing.

That’s great, thanks. I bought a Roland laptop stand and it’s fine but it’s not quite wide enough for a laptop and launchpad mini once I start trying to make room for USB plugs and power supply connectors. The Gator stand looks like it would give a little more room to spread out.

This caught my eye recently. I don’t know anything about it, but the portability was pretty intriguing at first glance:

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I use projector tripods stands and arrange them around me in different heights - no tables. They are not very light, so if traveling light is your goal look elsewhere. For me they are still light compared to the amps and record crates I used to haul back to performances in that day.

The brand I use isn’t showing up but this gives you an idea:

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Check these -

You can configure what you need too, apparently they are very stable.

For my summer tour, my expanding table was too much to try to bring on a plane. This meant that I was going to be stuck with whatever tables venues had, and these would inevitably be sitting height, not standing height.

My search for risers that would lift my equipment up, but also be easily transportable, led me to these:

While not quite rising to standing height… these get things up off the table enough to workable from a standing position. Plus, they quickly disassemble to a tidy flat package and are very light.

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i’m looking into possibly getting some of these for my live performances:

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On a similar yet frugal track, I’ve been using a Readaeer book stand to prop various items up (104hp skiff, desktop synth, small mixer) with good results. Not as compact when folded or as aesthetically pleasing, but a solid alternative. The little black page holders come off very easily.