Starling Labs TRS modules for VCV Rack

I just had a really fun pair programming session porting a bandlimited clipping algorithm from Starling Labs’ SVF module into my python system. They mentioned they were working on ideas for a suite of stereo/TRS modules but I had no idea they’d already created this huge collection of VCV rack modules to prototype their ideas:

I’m not a VCV rack user but I just wanted to call this out since there seems like a ton of awesome stuff here.

Edit: I also know they’re actively looking for feedback while they figure out what is going to stick and become hardware modules, so please reach out to them if you use these and have thoughts!

Also this is basically a greenfield idea-gathering enterprise that isn’t guaranteed to materialize as a hardware product. They’re doing exploratory work. All the more reason to check it out IMHO.


This is a really clever idea. Good on them.