Starthief: Grounded

Here’s my latest release, Grounded.

I took inspiration from the ancient Greek practice of incubation, caverns, stormy skies, and the mysteries of dreaming. I was reaching for a sort of “stoically uplifting” feel, but mostly it’s in my usual neighborhood of haunted / “uneasy listening” / “calmly foreboding.”

Single take improvisations on a modular synth which changed its shape pretty drastically during the span of the project; Yamaha Reface CS through Elektron Analog Drive; software. Lots of FM, resonating feedback, and dirt.

Commentary and patch notes are here.


Love that album art.

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ican digzit goodluck!

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Really enjoying this!

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have listened enough to know i need to add this to my “in total darkness, or in a very large room (but not very quietly)” category, and give it a much more thorough listen. excellent.

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