Starthief: Materials (a study of Rings)

Announcing the release of Materials, an [uneasy listening | dark | ambient | drone | noisy] study of Mutable Instruments Rings.

The catalyst was many online discussions about how my favorite module “always sounds the same.” Friends, it does not, and I decided to show rather than tell.

Patch notes and a bonus track are here.

In another recent thread or two, there was a discussion of the idea of failure in art and music. I hadn’t really considered in advance what the criteria for success or failure are. Certainly, getting the thing done and not growing tired of the module was something of a success. If a former Rings-hater listens to it and admits that there was more to the module than they thought, that’s also a win (if a little more petty) :wink: If people enjoy the album and are inspired to explore Rings – and other modules too – in more depth and less conventional ways, than that’s maybe the best outcome.


Expletives of enthusiasm for how much I’m digging the depth and grounding these tracks have. I’m only at Panic Intrinsica so far but I’m enjoying every moment heard and felt.

Edit: Just bought it.

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