Starthief: ∞↻ (no-input feedback patches)

This release consists of no-input feedback patches, with tracks alternating between pure Eurorack and pure software (Bitwig Studio). It was definitely something of a departure for me – super exciting and inspiring at the beginning, but toward the end I found I really missed playing synths and bass in my usual manner. I found some fun techniques though, and perhaps in the future I’ll incorporate more feedback patching both for processing sounds and as a source.

(Free/pay-what-you-want as always.)

I used to keep patch notes for all my recordings and write them up with each release, as well as counting instances of usage of each module and plugin. I stopped doing that because I felt it was making things all about the gear rather than the music itself. But in this case I thought it made sense to go ahead and document the patches, and I’ve done so in flowchart form:


I’ve been doing a lot with feedback lately, so I enjoyed this, as well as the blog post.


Very cool stuff. I’ve always enjoyed these types of patches.

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