Starthief: Pulse Code

Pleased to announce my new release, Pulse Code, free/pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp.

Lately I’ve been creating albums by intentionally setting up my sessions to flow from one into the next as a continuous mix. I’ve felt like this transforms the idea of ambient as music describing a place, into a journey instead. But with this one, I thought: what if I keep a rhythm at a constant tempo throughout the entire work? What would that feel like?

The answer is, apparently, really tense. Or maybe that was just due to how I’ve been feeling the past few weeks, coping with some unwanted changes and events in my life. At any rate, what I get from listening to this is a strong sense of anticipation, and of being inexorably swept along without having control.

Working with (mostly simple) rhythm in this way was remarkably similar to working with drones. Depending on the track, my timing source was either Microfreak’s sequencer, an LFO in Bitwig Studio (feeding ramp waves and/or synced triggers out to the modular), or the metronome in Teletype.


Looking forward to listening to this. Waiting for nightfall.

In the meantime, I’ve ‘made do’ with the tantalizing equipment/process description. Wondering if I’ll be able to discern Drezno+Jena in action.

ps Bought unheard. Not because of the album art :wink:

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Drezno+Jena are useful for a lot of things. I like them for waveshaping, but making a simple modulation source very not simple is also a major strength :slight_smile:

The album art was just a closeup of O’Tool+ with some random Teletype triggers, processed a little :grinning:


I listened to the album, in the dark, around 3 AM today. I was already in bed and had woken up. In preparation, I had a pair of Sony noise cancelling headphones on hand. I’d downloaded the tracks earlier as wav files, but they wouldn’t play in the VLC app. So I downloaded them in AIFF.

Mesmerizing. Well-crafted tones, mixed well throughout. Excellent work! During the next listen, I’ll refer to the description.

Thanks for commenting on Drezno+Jenna. Must look into them now.

Nice idea for album art. :slight_smile:


Glad you enjoyed it! :smiley: