Starthief: Unfolding

Here is Unfolding, a gloomy, snarly ambient(?(*)) album.

In the tumult of 2020, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about entropy, about growth and decay, about being aware of living during a major turning point in history, and about the ways we experience time.

Enormous events unfold all the time, mostly hidden from our consciousness or attention. But this particular year has been one of momentous events that loom large in our minds. We are all caught up in what Amos from The Expanse series would call “the churn.”

There is merit in fighting against the authoritarian malice and deadly negligence that has characterized this regime (and to no small extent, the previous status quo). But we also need a kind of… I don’t want to say acceptance , but serenity. The storm is washing over us now, and our approval or disapproval are of no consequence.

That is my attitude toward more positive and creative things as well. I let the music happen and I follow where it goes. I had thought this album was going to be specifically about entropy, the “Arrow of Time”, but what happened was that it’s about nature and our fragile bubbles, and the unfolding of our own small events, feelings, thoughts, and actions against the backdrop of larger ones.

(*) I keep using that word. I don’t think it means what Brian Eno meant it to mean.