Starting point for "structured"/sequencing based modular setup

Exactly! It can feel somewhat random by using an irregular/oddly timed trigger, which is musical but can be unpredictable (or at least feel unpredictable). Adding logic (or random triggers) like you mentioned could expand on that and make it more complex, but still based on a single CV sequence.

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I guess I’ll add a sample/track and hold module to the list of modules to get then :slight_smile:

You can definitely do worse than a Function for that. The “Hang” input is super fun for stalling envelope/LFO use, too, and it can do a lot of other things. I had a Function and sold it awhile back, but I think I might end up with one again since it is somewhat unique, even compared to Maths due to “Hang” which is critical to this use.

Disting also has t&h/s&h (and a ton of other things) if you don’t mind multifunctional modules. Track and hold is a lot less common than I would expect, but I think it is definitely useful.

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Thanks for the track and hold patch from Make Noise, I need to explore mine more.

OP - there’s a really basic Doepfer module that has two S&H’s that are jump-able to track and hold.

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Found it, nice! Pretty cheap as well, thanks for the pointer!

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Thinking about this question a bit more, another option that has crossed my mind would be a Novation Circuit, which would give me drums and a synth and when combined with Expert Sleepers FH-1 it can sequence the modular as well.
Not sure if that would be a better choice than going with an Ansible though.

Fwiw I started with circuit and cvocd. This kept getting better with each circuit update. But I have ended up with grid and ansible (when it arrives). Playing with the meadowphysics max4live port really got me excited to have that option in conjunction with the modular. As well as the awesome kria.

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Thanks for the info. If you don’t mind me asking, what was the main thing/feature that made you decide to switch?

I’ve had grids previously so was familiar with mlr, pages, 64fingers, polygome etc when using my PC as part of my setup. Got rid several years ago and always regretted it. In the last few months I’ve sold a lot of unused gear to be able to fund grid/ansible. I love the ansible take on sequencing that I’d seen in videos. Before I’d used Meadowphysics max4live port it looked way too complex to me. But having a play with it after I’d bought the grid let me really gel with the interface.

Circuit is still a part of my workflow for Ableton live based work and I use it mainly for sketching ideas to import into live or a a controller. It’s still a brilliant device and I will not be getting rid of it anytime soon!

With the right interface, if circuit suits you it can create some amazing stuff on the modular. Several channels of CV plus drum tracks that could be repurposed as gates (I believe, I never got round to trying that).

Andy Pidcock has some good videos on Circuit and modular, with a big emphasis on the sequencing/playing.

And Enrique Martinez has some solid review/tip videos about circuit integration.

Hope that helps a wee bit!

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I think I would personally still be inclined towards using the grid/Ansible, but the Circuit Monostation looks like a good match for modular if the Circuit concept is interesting to you.

These are some really nice examples, thanks!
Watched some more video’s, both for the Circuit and Ansible, but I think I like Ansible’s sequencing more, I like to be able to see the patterns, which you can’t really seem to do on a circuit.

I’d love to give Ansible a real try, but don’t know anyone in the vicinity (I live in the Netherlands) that has one and unfortunately there’s no version for it for VCV Rack.

Anything new to report? I’m waiting on my PNW and PEXP-1 to show up currently. I’m hoping that on top of expanding my clocking options, I’ll finally be incorporating my Elektron gear more easily than before…

I’ve enjoyed this thread. I feel like the subjects brought up here are right in line with what I’m after. I’m far from where I want to be, but getting closer.

So much of my energy lately has just been figuring out how to actually hear everything when I want to hear it. Meaning just finding a way to plug everything in, away from my DAW, worrying about levels etc. But now that I’m just going through a stereo PA setup, I think I’m much closer.

In terms of providing a rock-solid sync, PNW & PEXP will see you right. I’d set Pam’s as the clock that everything else follows.

I’ve actually now stepped away from the Elektron world myself, having taken more of a deep-dive into using a Grid/Ansible/Kria workflow these days.

That said, I used that set-up extensively for a long time & it saw me through many recordings & a few shows too. If you need any advice or have specific questions, let me know :blush:

I’ve been really loving the Squarp Hermod recently. It can do rigid pre-programmed stuff if you want, but it can also take pre-programmed sequences (notes, gates, or modulation) and throw a bunch of aleatoric things on top – or you can throw all of the pre-programmed stuff out the window and just begin with aleatoric stuff. It has note probabilities, LFOs (both random and non-random), and lots of other options (including Euclidean sequences), all under CV control! I’ve been having a lot of fun using the Euclidean sequences with parameters controlled by CV inputs from other sources.

Also, it can provide rock-solid clocking, with optional multiplied or divided clocks at its gate outputs. Since it has 8 channels of CV+gate pairs, you can use it as the central brain for your whole modular setup.