State of isms

so i’m really thinking about making the modular plunge and looking at isms mainly because of a)the set of useful utility modules and b)long term trust in brian/kelly’s experiments in tools.
kind of depends on a job that should work out early march, but right now i can’t work out from the site if Ism’s is already shipping/sold out. nearly gone etc etc? where can one find updates?

I’m also eagerly awaiting more info, specifically news on the complete system but if that isn’t happening in the near future I’d like to get the case before they sell out.

isms are most definitely in stock and available - I realize the website still says ‘preorder’ and I’ll get Brian to chase that up once he’s back from a well deserved break. Any new orders will likely ship around the end of the month.

Additionally, isms is now available at Control in Brooklyn if you are in the area and want to see one in person – they can ship units immediately.

The complete system has been delayed due to manufacturing holdups on the Mannequins side of the equation. Realistically they won’t be shipping for another 2 months or so.


nice. I can wait “two months or so” …is it too soon to let us know what the system will include and perhaps a general target price?


thanks for the update… are there any plans for european dealers? (it is eurorack format afterall :wink: )

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I can’t say prices, but it will obviously be cheaper than buying everything individually. It will be a complete music making system - all you’ll need is a sound system. You could likely infer this includes an isms loaded with modules and a grid, plus a flight case ready to for baggage-handler abuse.

I believe there won’t be any European dealers. We simply don’t have the stock, or room for wholesale margins to get them in stores around the world.


it seems Control is out of stock. do you plan to send another batch to the dealers soon (would be nice to see one to help deciding…) and when would you ship if I order from the website?

we ship within a day or two. control has a demo unit on display!

What news re whole system, @tehn or @Galapagoose?

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close. @Galapagoose has an exciting announcement soon…


what a tease! bring on the friends!

[quote=“dspk, post:5, topic:2486, full:true”]
are there any plans for european dealers?[/quote]

This is surely no replacement for a European dealership, but whoever wants to try out my Isms at my place in Hamburg, Germany, is welcome. Just drop me a line.

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I bought one at Control last week, and then the demo was gone when I dropped by the other day. In fact, there seemed to be no monome or mannequins products on display.

Just to note, Control still has stock and the display unit was just out the back while they rearranged their space!

Gotcha, Trent!

By the way, anybody who hasn’t been over to Control, oh my, get over there and buy an isms. As suspected, monome has knocked it out of the park with this case, turned the leap to eurorack into a one-step process, and introduced those of us not in-the-know to the similarly minimal and brilliant instrument maker Mannequins.

If you’re like I was and not sure whether to take the plunge, take the plunge!


oh thanks for clarifying. I will definitely pass by and take a look. (and probably end up buying)

what do you owners of isms use to transport ? the suggested pelican 1700?
this is my only problem with isms, that it doesn’t have a dedicated flight case / transport solution. I wonder if the exciting announcement has something related to this…

Yep, the Pelican 1700. If you want to buy one and DIY the foam part, read on.

It comes with 3 foam layers. Using an electric carving knife I found cutting the foam in itself to not be that big of a deal, but was surprised how hard it was for me to cut straight lines.

I recommend glueing the cut-out middle foam layer to the uncut bottom layer, this makes the foam structure much more stable. When gluing both layers together, put the cut-out middle foam layer on the ground, then hold the uncut bottom layer with both hands to position it over the middle layer. Doing it the other way round (as I did it…) is way harder, as the cut-out middle layer is very wobbly, making it very hard to position precisely while holding it in your hands.

Doing a cut-out in the top foam layer (which required cutting the upper foam layer in two parts, which is best done at a foam shop) is not really necessary in my point of view, unless you have modules with really long knob caps.

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Just joined the forum. Love the isms concept and it’s something I’m considering it as an alternative to a Buchla Music Easel. Still trying to decide. Would definitely love to hear more details on the complete system - any updates that can be shared?

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Did you import it yourself?