State of isms

Surprising nobody has mentioned nazcas if stiffness is a concern…

I got a set from control before they sold their own. I was also planning a purchase from black market but stumbled on an assorted lot of cables for cheap on MW (adinfinitum & tiptop). Nazcas are firmer than any others I’ve tried

the doepfer short yellow cable seems to break a little too easily, otherwise I think they are good, but I also expect any modular cable to wear out finally after lots of patching.

i use all black market modular cables. they’re fantastic.

Pretty sure the Black Market & Control cables are identical bar the colours & embossed logo on the barrel. Quite sure I heard they were made in the same factory.

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+1 for the AI cables here. Cheap and cheerful.

Here is the comparison image from the muff thread mentioned above:

Not sure how up to date it is – but it looks like the control cables are slightly shorter without the bend/connection supports.

Ya’ll need a dedicated cable thread! I keep hoping there is actual news on the isms bundle!


As I’m waiting for my isms to arrive in Sweden I started to rearrange my other stuff in preparation. One thing popped up that I couldn’t find in the manual: is the outputs balanced or not? The +4 dBu output suggest so but I can’t find any info if it’s TRS or TS connectors.

edit: see post by @Galapagoose below

A little clarification:

Outputs are ‘impedance balanced’ like the Aleph / Mackie mixers. This means the signal is not differential (i.e. true balancing) but the outputs will play nice with TRS cables & balanced inputs if that’s what you use.

Input is actually balanced though! A TS cable will work fine, but a TRS cable (and source) will give you that extra 6dB & noise cancelling especially useful for attaching a microphone directly (though watch out for impedance issues).

It’s all designed to work smoothly with both balanced & unbalanced gear. The only thing that will have weird results is a stereo input cable.

rumor on muffs is Mannequins plans to bring some of the utilities from isms to 3U… don’t have any idea where this info came from but anyone care to comment?

I’ve been building a skiff around the Mannequins modules so this is interesting news to me.

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[quote=“Galapagoose, post:43, topic:2486”]
The only thing that will have weird results is a stereo input cable.
[/quote] Interesting

I’m not sure I would’ve noticed problems but I’m certain I used one (w/ aleph) in the past.

Theoretically it would give you the difference between the two channels, like using a mid/side processor and only keeping the side.

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Sound like it will handle most situations.

Care to share a reference link about the Mackie design? I’m sure it doesn’t matter for me but I want to know more just out of curiosity (the wikipedia pdf link is broken).

I found that Mackie have LOTS of schematics online. I picked one at random and found this:

(I think the picture of the connector is mixed up. I guess the actual signal is connected to the tip and not to ring as the pic shows)

Got my isms this week and I must say I really love it. I could get rid of a couple of modules pretty easy to fit my setup into 120 HP thanks to the built in top row utilities.
But I really want an extra of those short USB cables.
I only got one but I want to use the switch and it looks pretty dumb with a 2 m long cable…
Any recommendations where go get an extra cable that looks the same?

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I’ll send you one, get in touch


I spent the last night playing with isms and have some questions about it:

The placement of the mixer encourage mixing of control signals. I like it since I tend to avoid that. Any tips or advice on ideas I can try out?

I’m really missing a splitter. I have two active splitters and passive ones are a piece of cake to make. But as one that doesn’t believe in stackable 3,5mm plugs I have a hard time understanding the decision to not include a splitter. What’s the reasoning here?

I know feedback patching is hard. I’m new to spring reverb in Eurorack context. Any tips for simple spring reverb feedback feedback patches ?

isms on eBay. So quick?

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doesn’t seem like a very good deal considering a full system is $4700.

You could send 1 or 2 to

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