Steep Way EP

Hey lines folks, I wanted to leave a note here about the little EP I released on Friday.

My process centered around layering via Mannequins W/ with the main sound source being a Mother32 played on midi keyboard allowing me to step a bit outside of the standard sequenced synthesizer motif, which I felt I had become overly reliant on. There seems to be so much inertia; in myself, people, actions, the things we enjoy and consume: spiritually, physically, socially, artistically, emotionally. So my musical practice in the past year has become about exercising restraint and exploring the in-between spaces. Looking at whether things can feel musical and non-musical, non-standardized and non-experimental (or standardized and experimental), meaningful and desolate, brief and bottomless. I’ve had trouble describing the music I’ve been working on recently, I tend to describe it to folks day to day as “just nice instrumental music.” Mostly, I feel silly and a little uncomfortable doing a write up on this album because it is such a simple 15 minutes of music. But I feel it has a certain magic to it and it should be shared.

Hope ya’ll enjoy.

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Really enjoyed that! Very mellow and calming. Love the cover art too. Kudos : - )

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Really beautiful work! I totally love the idea of ‘sonic sketches’ like this. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Kudos for also living in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited in America!


Very pretty. I saw your last release references Eno & Harmonia and I totally get that Roedelius wandering atmos.

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Thanks for the kind words…

@sijafr Southern VT/Windham county really is a special place, cool that you’ve visited!

@Jet Totally, Musik von Harmonia is pretty much the reason I got into synths at all.

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Really nice stuff. I’m over in Maine, and definitely relate to your sounds geographically as well.

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