It’s a bit like MPC behavior. Stop after stopping the sequencer on an MPC (at least on the ones I have), however, will also mute all running sounds. Now that I think of it, this might actually be something I’d like to introduce on reset for Step ( created)

That’s a really good idea, I’ll consider it.

FYI: I’m also planning to implement pattern queuing via grid / arc / encoders and for that I likely will use play as a shift key of sorts.

I’m actively trying to avoid having too many modes as much as possible in my scripts, and trying to be consistent. This is of course a challenge given that there aren’t a lot of buttons and encoders on the norns. :slight_smile:

Note yet, sorry. I will try to look into this more soon - strangely, I am not sure I experience this on my device, or the samples I’m currently using are so messed up I’m not hearing it.

BTW. Didn’t you mention that this also occured when not using swing?

@simonvanderveldt have you experienced tempo / BPM slowing down in Step after a few measures?

EDIT: created this

No, not so far, but I’ve had swing off till now. Can try it later.

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@carvingcode found a bug causing Step tempo to be lower than presented. This is now fixed in v1.1.2, which also persists grid width changes.


This is definitely more of an Ack question than a Step question, :sweat_smile: apologies. Is there a way/command to unload samples?

Hi @Justmat. There’s no such command, no. Is there any particular use case where you find this useful?

It would be pretty easy to implement.

Not really a use case, but… in foulplay, I would like ack to unload the sample if the track is changed to a midi track.

I created a github issue for this:

My norns time is currently limited, though, since I’ve been snowed under at work recently, so don’t expect it to happen any time soon (PRs are welcome! :slight_smile: ).

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I just see the letters screen but how is this connected to samples? Cant see a way to use any, sorry if utterly noobish

samples can be loaded in the parameters screen (at main menu turn enc1 right).

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It took me a little while to get my head into this too. I now find it frustrating that to ‘audition’ the samples, it appears you have to repeat the entire process. Full disclosure: I am very very new to all things Monome.

I am having trouble getting Step to just play at 90bpm .This is also the speed i have my internal clock set at. The value on screen jumps to wierd decimal point values either side… and i suspect its playing even slower than that.

I love the simple interface of this script and its absolute playability- no tricks to remember, just the right number of parameters.

I wonder if one of the recent updates has affected something.

Hm. I need to update and check do some testing.

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Now I got my norns updated after a long hiatus. Can you please elaborate on how to recreate your issue? How are you changin the tempo parameter? Thanks

I just started up norns to have another look at this. Im still getting some odd behaviour but im not sure if its the same as before. On the main control screen the BPM counter moves up and down at odd increments (86,89,92,95,98,100,103 etc).
Under paramteres /clock source set to 'Interna’l the temp setting works fine for dialing values but i dont think these are being used by step.
beneath CLOCK> in the parameter view (not in the clock submenu) are another 7 paramerters starting with pattern length.Tempo is listed here as well and increses in odd increments again(83.6, 86.4, 89.2, 92.0, 94.8)

This is my only issue with the script -I guess i havent got something set right and dont really understand why there are 3 differnt places to adjust tempo.Ideally the main screen would allow me to adjust the tempo in increments of 1 bpm.

Does this make sense? Any pointers would be appreciated.


I have had Step since the beginning on a factory Norns and im up to date. If this isnt what anyone else is getting it would be good to know- perhaps I should just delete and reinstall. Slightly reluctant to loose my presets but i guess there is a way to save them and reinsert them again.


Step does not use the global clock, it has its own clock. You can save the pset files that you’ve saved and update to the latest version. I’m not sure it’ll help, but certainly give it a shot. I’ll look into your issues on my latest version.

Thanks for your reply.
To confirm I have the lastest version of norns and Step v1.1.4. Im not sure exactly when the issues started as i only realsied it when i needed to add a drum track and match a spcific bpm. So you dont see the behaviour I describe? Curious to know if I somehow have got a corrupted version not put right by updates or this is a result of my settings.I wonder if opening step with very old presets could throw it off kilter?
As no one else has commented Im guessing its just me. Ill do a delete and reinstall and test it before reintroducing my presets just in case.


I checked this more thoroughly just now. There’s a bug in that the visual representation on the main step screen is not 100% accurate: tempo and swing parameters are rounded to the nearest integer on that screen.

If you go into the regular parameters UI section (press key1, then turn enc1 right) the parameters are reported correctly.

Note that step isn’t using the general clock set up in the CLOCK> parameters section - it has its own Tempo parameter on the first menu level, along with all other parameters. The reason for this is step was written before the general clock was introduced.

In the general section, it’s possible to fine control parameters if you hold down key3 while turning enc3.That said, since the tempo is a continuous parameter it will jump still. If you need to set a precise value I’d suggest to edit the .pset file directly and set it there. I’m sorry if it is a bit of a pain to set up tempo accurately using both the main screen and the general parameters section. This is due to me enabling decimals in the tempo and swing parameters (I should really fix the visual representation on the main screen).

Also, it is true that ie. the tempo parameter will jump several integers when using enc2 on the main screen. There is no way to fine control the parameters on this screen. I regularly use my arc to control these parameters which gives more precise control.

I’ll consider to use integers for both tempo and swing, right now setting precise values is a bit awkward.

Hope this helps if you want to get a precise tempo anyway (solution: in the current version, edit the .pset file manually)

@Zedkah I just pushed a new v1.1.6 version of step that probably helps you somewhat. Now tempo and swing amount parameters are set to use only one decimal (as opposed to arbitrary number of decimals before). The decimal value is correctly shown both on the main screen and in the parameters section. Try this out. I hope it helps. Parameters still might jump around some values but less so than before.

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