Stereo Hypnosis - Hvolf (Icelandic Ambient/Extreme Chill Festival)

I don’t normally post to LINES with the stuff I work on, but thought this one might go down well here, so here goes!

The new album from Stereo Hypnosis is out today on Interchill Records, mastered by yours truly at Hermetech Mastering. A very interesting band from Iceland, a father and son team, and organisers of the Extreme Chill Festival. If you like your instrumental ambient played by a real band, with a very interesting Rock/Dub/Psych fusion sound, sometimes reminiscent of Brian Eno, Pink Floyd or The Ozric Tentacles, then please do give it a listen! Bandcamp downloads in 24/96.


Nice! I met Pan and his father in Iceland when I played at EC’19 w/ @ttasselm (hotel neon) super nice guy.


I met Pan in Iceland as well. Great guy!
Excited to listen to this.

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Cool, thanks for the interest. I think Extreme Chill Fest was/is this weekend, with the album release to coincide.

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That was a great show. Pan is such a great guy, glad to see many others feel the same way! He just opened up a wonderful shop in downtown Reykjavik called Space Odyssey that stocks all kinds of great electronic and ambient music; would encourage anyone here to check it out and support his efforts there if you’re ever passing through.