Stereo recorder : Super small/portable?

I’m looking to record some modular sessions. Usually I record into my op1, but I would like to venture into stereo territory.
I really hate field recorders like the tascam type stuff, looking more for something that just dumps to USB and I can off load it after.

Any recommendations for super simple stereo recorders?

If you don’t want a field recorder, maybe you want a sampler? Roland SP-404SX or something similar?

Hi Jason, thanks for the suggestion. I was hoping to keep the size down as tiny as possible.

iPhone with Rode app and an external microphone. Doesn’t get much smaller than that!


Good to know Rode has an iOS app, useful!

Have you used this one at all? For some reason I always feel strange about recording into my iphone, I really have to get over that. Also, I think might have my phone recoding video - but not always, I’ll check it out in more detail thanks!!

I just upgraded from the free version so I haven’t used all the extra features in the paid version yet, but it seems to work great.

I just ordered a Zoom Q8 for recording video because my phone doesn’t really have enough free space on it. But it’s basically a field recorder with a camera attached.

I’m going to give this a go:

Seeing those screens on the field recorders and the menu system/UI makes me want to die inside!!!


I have a Zoom H1 that, admittedly, I mainly use the mics on, but it has a mic/line in, and it’s simple as to operate; hardware switches for most things (including file format). Also, useful to chuck in a bag.


(it’s a “field recorder”) I use the Sony PCM-M10. Fits in a pocket. 4Go integrated memory + micro sd slot. Runs for hours (days) on a pair of AA batteries.
The stereo line-in accepts true line levels (+4dBu). The a/d conversion quality is supposed to be the best available in that range of price (~200€).
As for menus, i don’t think i’ve used them after day one, except to switch between 44.1 and 48kHz when a video project comes up.
Plug jack, slide ON button, wait 5-10 seconds depending on memcard size, press REC twice, it rolls.

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I’m a firm supporter of the iDevice + microphone route. I have the Rode iXY, and it works really well, but I find that Rode’s iOS app is a complete :poop: . It’s crashed on me a bunch before, often completely failing when moving into the background, and the means of getting audio out of it is a bit frustrating. Unfortunately, I also haven’t really found a field recording app that I find works really well. Apogee’s Meta Recorder comes really close, but it’s so tailored to recording audio for film production, that it becomes cumbersome for field recordings. That, and it also completely failed when I tried to export a larger audio file to Dropbox :frowning:

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Really happy with a Sony pcm m10. +1 for that. Can only compare to zoom h2 and onboard mics are so much nicer and quieter than that. Also line in.

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I use the Tascam PCMRecMKII app for field recordings and it has worked almost flawlessly for me for the past year or so. It hasn’t crashed a single time and it’s really easy to name the files and export them to my Mac later. Ideally I would like to carry around a Tascam DR-40, but most of the time I find myself in a perfect place for a field recording I doubt I would actually have it with me.

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Yeah, a field recorder is a bit like a camera in that sense - the best one is the one that you have when the moment strikes.

Re-reading the original post though, I’d throw some support at the Sonoma Wire Works Guitar Jack interface. It seems to be the best-cheapest-smallest way to get stereo line in and out for an iDevice. If you have to buy one of those to go with it, then maybe something like a Zoom h4 makes more sense, but if you have an old iPhone or iPod touch that needs a new purpose, it’s a pretty reasonable bet.

still waiting for my Mikme after successful funding of the campaign, so I don’t have first hand experience yet.
but the way I think about the standalone “always with me” recorder, this thing is pretty much perfect (if stereo is not a must have).

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Some great choices in here, thanks all!

I’m curious as to why you hate field recorders? Once you’ve set them up, it’s just a matter of hitting record and monitoring the levels, surely. I have an old Marantz field recorder which does a good job but drains batteries like there’s no tomorrow. The Zoom H6 would be my preference if I were to buy one now.

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I agree with Stretta, why the Tascam hate? I have a dr-40 mk II. It’s super easy to use, the mice sound pretty good, batteries last and a long time. Once I’m done recording I can just switch it in to USB disk mode and pull the wav files off of it on to my laptop. I can really think of anything I’d want to improve, other than having XLR and 1/4" inputs, though that would be a different class of device.

Its not a big deal really, just don’t dig the style of those things. They’re all kinda clunky, and the screens are bad and UI’s too. Not exactly the monomes of recorders. :slight_smile: I have used them tho, and the world didn’t end, to my surprise.

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