Stock Music Sites?

Does anyone have recommendations for stock music sites I could investigate? I have a sizable library of music and soundscapes I’ve been creating for the best part of 20 years and I figured it could a good opportunity to create a passive income aside from my personal work. I have worked across stock photography so I am familiar with the ins and outs regarding file prep, tagging and so on.

My advice would be just google search for music libraries- and go from there, because the ones that come up from a google search right away are probably the ones that are going to be most used by the people in need of music. In my experience the vast majority of them require exclusivity (can only put your music on their library, and no one elses) but there are a few that don’t.

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The free music archive was just acquired by a service like this. I wasn’t familiar with them before the acquisition but I like the cut of their jib so to speak from what I have seen. More info about the acquisition:


Cheers for that. Yes, I would be OK with exclusivity in some instances (i.e. if I knew I was creating music for that library purpose), otherwise I’m not looking to submit my personal work (or work that I’m particularly attached to) for commercial use.

I guess I’m looking for a more curated stock / library site that is mindful and tight on the quality of content available, and has a “fair” approach regarding commission, fees, and copyright usages. For example, there is a stock photography site that we were a part of, Stocksy, and is a co-operative model where dividends were distributed to all of its members at the end of the year. Sales were split 50:50 between Stocksy and the photographer, which is almost unheard of in the world of stock libraries. Anyways, I digress. Was mostly curious if anyone on here makes use of such libraries for music and loops and if there is enough demand to justify the work put in?

It sounds like you’re possibly looking for ‘Production Music’ libraries?

There are loads of them all over the world and some are great and some are terrible. It’s easy enough to find a decent one that will give you a 50% deal and distribute your music worldwide. There are also a load of royalty free libraries that will just give you a fee based on usage, I avoid those, although the industry seems to be going that way.

I think, as mentioned above, search for ‘Production Music’ and go through some of the results. If anyone is interested in publishing your music, they are almost certainly going to have a load of notes for you, changes, edits, etc to make them as usable and commercially appealing as possible, especially if it is a decent label. It’s much like getting a record deal, they get tons of demos every day, and it is pretty competitive.

All that said, it is very much worth it if you can get a decent amount of tracks released. It takes a while for the royalties to start rolling in, but once they start, they should keep coming for quite a while!

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Super helpful, thank you for this. I did have a publisher years ago, not much came if it though. Some food for thought, cheers