Stockholm Recommendations

Just wanted to put the feelers out re. recommendations for Stockholm, as my wife & I are spending 5 days there in a few weeks. Looking for good spots for vegan food, coffee, galleries, record shopping etc. All suggestions for making the most of our time in this city are very welcome.

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My wife and I enjoyed Millesgarden.

And the Vasa is spectacular.

We missed when we went last time, but will definitely pay a visit when we go back.


@hightowersdeepwells My partner and I spent most of our honeymoon in Stockholm in 2016. Lots of fun stuff to do in the city.

Beer (and woodfire pizza
may have Vegan options

-Omnipollo: Omnipollos Hatt, 116 46, Hökens gata 3, 116 46, Stockholm, Sweden


-Café Pascal: Norrtullsgatan 4, 113 29 Stockholm, Sweden (Fun fact: My profile picture was taken here).

-Snickarbacken 7: 111 39, Snickarbacken 7, 111 39 Stockholm, Sweden


-Gro Restaurang (Vegetarian): Sankt Eriksgatan 67, 113 32 Stockholm, Sweden


-Moderna Museet: Exercisplan, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden

-Vasa Museum: GalÀrvarvsvÀgen 14, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden

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Fylkingen is a must if you are interested in music and performances

If you like jazz:
Glenn Miller Cafe is a small venue that often have nice interesting artists performing

Fasching is a famous Jazz place in Stockholm

Fotografiska is a nice photography museum. They also have a good restaurant. Not sure if they have vegan.

Södra Teatern is an old theatre. They have a vegetarian restaurant. Concerts and performances of different style and quality almost every evening.

Petsounds is a nice record store
Adress: SkÄnegatan 53, 116 37 Stockholm


Been there last June with my family:
Stockholm it’s beautiful.

It was summer so I particularly enjoyed Djurgarden and the Arcipelago, but the city itself is awesome too.
Talking about museums the Vasa is a must see.

I’d like to visit the city in winter too.

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I live in Stockholm!
It’s a beautiful town.

For records you want Pet Sounds on SkÄnegatan (Södermalm) and you would probably enjoy most of that street, with bars and restaurants and stuff.

If you want a little bit of nature, head out to HellasgĂ„rden. It’s a recreational area about 15 mins on a bus from Slussen.
If you want a lot of nature, take a boat from outside Grand Hotel and spend a day in the archipelago. Beautiful, no matter the season.

The best coffee in town is at Ill Caffee on Södermannagatan, just around the corner from Pet Sounds.

I saw Karl Fousek on Fylkingen last week, but I think that was a pretty rare event as far as modular synth music goes. Great show by the way.

Fotografiska is great. The exhibits of course, but there’s a bistro on the top floor with one of the best vies of Stockholm you can find.

Let me know if you need more recos!


+1 for Ill Cafee :slight_smile:

You have a couple of good coffeeshops and nice area as well around Mariatorget, like Drop Coffe and Johan & Nystrom which is by the way very close to Fylkingen.
Also next to Fylkingen you can find EMS all their events take place at Fylkingen but they have a Buchla in there and they are very proud of their facilities, if you are lucky you get a mini-tour.

I’d say generally you’ll find Stockholm is quite vegan friendly if you compare to say Paris.


Also for records, same street as Pet Sounds, there is Fade Records a very little shop, more electronic music oriented.

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Some fine recommendations have already been covered, for vegan food go and check out this website (don’t know if it is in english though):

A cozy record store/art gallery/venue/café:

Art gallery:

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So many great recommendations/ideas in this thread! Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

I think the archipelago is definitely something we will want to do. Lots of people saying Vasa is a must-see too, so will have to check that out. Great to hear that Stockholm is vegan-friendly too.


An Ideal For Living Stockholm was my fav record store that I went into, but I couldn’t make it to all of them so check out the other ones people are mentioning.

Sweden is one of only two markets where McDonalds sells a McVegan burger, which was disgusting, but also somehow good. But seriously, it’s a very vegan friendly city: go into one of the upscale supermarkets.


Just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who contributed to this thread. We got back from an amazing time in Stockholm early this morning.

Highlights were definitely Vasa (so impressive), Millesgarden, exploring via boats & the Moderna Museet.

My only regret was that we didn’t go for longer. I could definitely have spent more than 5 days in this beautiful city.

Good record shop recommendations too
predictably, we spent money in both Pet Sounds & Fade. Omnipollos Hatt yielded one of the best IPAs I’ve ever tasted too!


KMH has a pretty amazing venue for electronic music called Lilla Salen:

That’s a spherical array that is lowered down around the audience. Those Genelecs are the big ones. I had the opportunity to play some work there last year and it sounds amazing.

I expect they put on electroacoustic concerts from time to time, so might be worth checking out (for anyone else or your return trip @hightowersdeepwells) .

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Anyone got recommendations for cheap places to stay in Stockholm? I’m heading there in early April.