Stockholm: tape loops

attention residents of stockholm or nearby!

@instantjuggler and i are teaching a circus+music workshop next week. we’d like to explore some ideas with tape loop interactions and are looking for a tape machine to borrow/rent.

does anyone have any connections? just an old TEAC reel to reel would be fine i’m sure, no need for a fancy nagra.



did you check in with ulf at escape from noise? he also does some work with johan at, a music shop

there’s a few other people I’d try, pming you now


Might be a long shot, but you could always try reaching out to EMS and see if they have something you could rent for a night.

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Also, try contacting the peeps at Fylkingen. Bunch of people there associated with the tape noise-scene, they should have some spools lying around, at least. :wink:

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