Stolperbeats: The Thread

Enough Stolperbeats are probably out in the wild to merit a thread for discussion. I took delivery this morning, and am currently head-bobbing to a nice little Pulsar-23 sequence. What are you all doing with yours?

I’m thinking of selling mine, to be honest (I’ve had it since last summer). If and when I occasionally do rhythmic stuff Pam’s New Workout is enough one for me!

Super stoked to get mine later this week! If I get along with it, I’m planning to have it replace my MI Grids. I love Grids, but I’m more stoked about having more organic rhythms & timing.

The big thing MI Grids has is a wonderful bank of built-in patterns – have y’all found the stock Stolperbeats patterns to be pretty good? Or are you more often programming your own? The encoder-driven pattern entry seems a bit tedious, so I’m hoping the stock patterns are close enough most of the time. The alternative would be: the manual says the patterns are stored on the SD card – has anyone taken a stab at investigating their formatting, perhaps opening up programming patterns outside of Stolperbeats then putting them onto the SD card?

For you norns-having folks, I added n-tuplet swing to Cyrene late last year: Cyrene: a drum sequencer based on Mutable Instruments Grids - #127 by 21echoes so maybe that could scratch your Stolperbeats itch a bit? :pray:


So far so good, yes! The fact that each “drum” has its own pattern allows for tons of interesting variation without having to sit there and program a pattern. In fact, I’ve found its patterns a lot more intriguing than my own. Switching between drums patterns and between shuffle patterns on the fly makes me feel much better at this than I am.


That’s great to hear! Are you switching between patterns by hand or CV? And what modules are you pairing with it generally?

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I enjoy it quite a bit though it tends to take my projects into drum focused spaces and i do more soundscape stuff. I wish it wasn’t as big as it is but it does produce some unique rhythms. I’m thinking about doing a separate 4ms pod with the Squid Salmple to make this its own unit.

I was hoping this to be about a new subgenre of broken-beat / glitcy rhythms. It would have been a wonderful name for a music genre.


I thought exactly the same :rofl:

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CV for hats, snare and percussion. Kick by hand. So far anyway. I’ve been using it with Pulsar 23 so far, but aim to load up a bunch of non-standard drums samples that I made with Tyme Safari on the ER-301. If I continue enjoying it, I could see something like a Squid or Tyso Daiko in the cards.

Also, sending a spare pattern out to teletype to drive a reactive Just Friends voice that is perfectly synced to a wonky rhythm is live performance heaven. So very expressive!

@papernoise it’s not too late!

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@reijo @mattlowery I say, let’s just make this a genre! haha :smiley:


Awesome! I’ve just got mine, and am really enjoying it so far. I got it second-hand and think the prior owner wiped out / overwrote most all of the stock patterns tho… Had to put in a bunch myself. Going to try automating a MIDI-to-text-file process next week maybe. Or see if Making Sound Machines can just send me the factory SD image directly :zipper_mouth_face:

For sounds I’m leaning on Disting EX with the 6 triggers mode, plus a BIA and a Plonk. I’ll have to try using a pattern or two to trigger a non-percussive voice as well :thinking: that sounds super fun.