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Bandcamp Day once again is upon us and I have a new release:

This is a sequel to Pulse and like its predecessor it has a sort of storyline woven into the descriptive text for tracks.

For my colleagues in gear/production geekery:

The first track on this album was made while my main instrument-zone mixer was in for repairs. Simultaneously, the world was on fire, the George Floyd protests had just begun and the whole “in for repairs” thing felt front of mind.

I made it using the mixer section of my Tascam 488 (for those of you who read my post about tape production in the tape gear thread, this track is an example of just the hair in that mixer–I didn’t use actual tape on this track). The sound source for everything (except the bass, which is a double-tracking of the Creston fretless run through a 6176) was the Ferdinand instrument.

The second track was mostly Subharmonicon, 2x Mother-32, and DFAM. This was sort of a nod back to Pulse (which was all Mother-32).

The third track was sampling and reworking elements of both of the previous tracks: drums run through a phonogene and re-assembled on the fly, a bass tone re-pitched via microgranny and played with a keystep, a tone from the first track sampled in at a zillion pitches (before I learned about Logic’s auto sampler–doh!) and then recorded to the 488 to be used for the chords ala the technique popularized by Alessandro Cortini. Just working on mashing it all together from different pieces and parts.

Recovery Effects’ Viktrolux was slathered over everything. As was their studio Endless Summer and a bunch of 500 series etc etc.

Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the sounds. Here are some codes:



Thanks so much for your beautiful music! :raised_hands: (i used the code above :pray:)

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Thank you! Looking forward to hearing this!

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