Strange guitar wiring

hey! im totally new to this format/forum, so I apologize if this has already been answered in another place (although it would shock me if so…)
I acquired a project guitar a few months ago, and I have no idea how I should wire it…
the body was what got me interested because it appeared to be a Kamer Richie Sambora
double-neck… i kind of figured it was a replica (and it is), but it is a fun project/distraction from life right now!

The left “guitar” (from the front view) has three humbuckers. The right “guitar” has one humbucker and one single-coil. I have no idea how the original is wired (it looks like it has just a single volume knob?) there are multiple switches… and no tone control?
the goal (needless of how it should be wired) is to have one switch position that lets ALL the pickups run at the same time!! totally unnecessary, but it is two 6-string guitars in one… so unnecessary is an understatement! ha!
If anyone knows how to draw up a diagram, or has ideas, I would love to hear them!
all thanks! phin


these are pictures, one of the guitar as it is right now, and one of the “original”


Most double neck guitars feature a switch that allows the user to select the “active” neck. I’m not sure how you would go about modifying an eventual wiring scheme to accommodate that, especially because often the pickup selector is “shared” between the two necks. I assume it could be done with individual or shared “on/off” switches on the upper pickups, which could double as a kill switches when only that neck is selected.

Sounds like a bit of a wiring puzzle and definitely above my pay grade!

No tone control is fairly typical for 80s superstrats, after EVH’s influence.

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(ha, used to have a Kramer Baretta… because… Eddie :candle: :pray:
same there: no tone control, just one full-treble-screaming bridge humbucker(great for sustain, though), volume knob, and locking floyd-rose whammy :metal:)
no idea here, either, but wishing you awesome luck… looks like fun… should stick a raspberry-pi or electrosmith daisy seed in there, too… make it a modern-day synth hybrid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: actually, there’s many guitar-techs on the daisy forums, too:

poke around here: Learn About Guitar Pickups + Electronics + Wiring |

You can wire anything you want, the trick will be how to do it without altering the guitar more or changing what options are already possible.

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This is all so great!! I will definitely be looking around at diagrams and hardware this weekend! Honestly, the hardware/soldering side is the easy part, I am more concerned about the wiring puzzle itself. @rajaTheResidentAlien I hadn’t even considered making a synth hybrid, but why not?! I wanted to initially wire an internal DI with separate 1/4 inch and XLR output (the body has enough internal space… and it is already totally extra in its construction). I will be digging through forums for sure!

also, sorry for replying to my own post (three consecutive times), I needed to upload media…but new users are restricted to one image per post.